Jaco Pastorius ‘Jaco Pastorius’ / KRS-One “KRS-One”

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-28-2007

Muster up genius and naugthiness then you get Jaco Pastorius.


Why genius?
He restructured the function of the bass in music in a way that has affected the outcome of countless musical projects to follow in his wake, he showed the world that there was an entirely different way to think of the bass function and what it meant. For this alone, Jaco earned a privileged place in the pantheon of jazz history cause he was absolutely a giant.


Why naughtiness?
Mix up mental disturbs like bipolar disorder with heavy drugs, alcohol and stuff like that, no way you’ll soon reach the point of no return. During 80′s there weren’t any producer nor club that allowed him to play yet. It was 12 september ’87, completely drunk he was kicked out from Sunrise Music Theatre where Santana was playing, so he head towards Fort Lauderdale suburbs, then he crashed a club where he couldn’t get into cause he wasn’t a member, “The Midnight Bottle Club”; after a long lasting row, the bouncer hit him several times with martial strokes.
He would die after 9 days coma, useless to say that music world lost one of the most influential interpreter in the history of electric bass.


I discovered “Jaco Pastorius” album just a few days ago, i don’t play bass and i’m not a musician at all but the way he plays is just crazy. “Come On, Come Over” is more 70′s soul/funk than pure jazz, that’s might be why it jumped in my mind right away. You know there are songs whose tune you can absorb from the first listen; it’s groovy, mysterious and has something of tropical. Plus you got Herbie Hancock on piano, Wayne Shorter on saxophone, Don Alias on congas and bongos and Randy Brecker on trumpet…want some more?!


It’s ’95, there’s “Come On, Come Over” vynil on the desk and somebody wrote a note “handling with care”. Hey we got the duo Premier/KRS-One in studio, anything more explosive?! Nah..i don’t think so.
No one can call into question KRS-One MC skills and “Rappaz R N Dainja” can’t be touched lyrically cause wisdom comes correct, with purity, intelligence and clarity.
The whole album “KRS-One” itself is like a 3 point shot on the horn ring. It blends boombastic, underground and simply soul beats…all under the authority of a real master of ceremony.


It’s clear from first bars that this man is serious business, he says “In hip-hop’s atomic structure, I am the nucleus”, i say that other emcees can just rotate around him like electrons.

One of the best bass players of all time
Listen “Jaco Pastorius
One of the best MC’s of all time
Listen “KRS-One

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  2. Syrenxor says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a French artist (which is not living by his art, unfortunately), well, I totally understand the impression of KRSOne about his first feeling on Jaco. I started to program songs with a sampler, then, I decide to play an instrument, so I took the bass, then I discover Marcus Miller, which is my mentor since 20 years now. I became mad when I heard the energy of Marcus when he slapped his 77′ Jazz Bass (lucky man), of course there was many other bass players that I listened, and other musicians, and one day a friend of mine (a bass player too, but 10 years older than me) talked to me about Jaco, and I told him (at that time I didn’t knew that I already know Jaco with popular songs, such as “come on, come over”), that Marcus Miller was the best of all, a kind of kidding sentence just to put some spice in our dialog, so he took a LP named “Jaco”, first song “Donna Lee”, from Bird (C.Parker), so I start to shake my head and tell my friend “well, how this guy is so precise like that? Then, “come on come over” started, and I had a flash, this song I heard many times before, now I was able to put a face on the performer of that song, since that day, I started to collect many infos about Jaco…
    The thing I will never forget about Jaco is, that energy that keep you aware, I mean, the man can be nasty when he plays ‘Invitation”, and he can be so charged in emotion when he plays “Portrait of Tracy”, for sure, this Jedi will stay in my spirit forever …

    Now KRSOne is one of the top brain washer of the planet earth. I share so many ideas he has about the life conditioning in USA. Why, cause we have a category of young people in France, who loves the way of life in America, movies, music, women, Mc Donalds, WWF, and so on, anyway, the way of how the media turn things to make the people believe that, America is fantastic in every aspect. We have to reeducate the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious in a good way of life, and I think that’s what KRSOne is trying to do, of course as a non American, I don’t understand all the aspect of the lyrics, but most of it.
    I really hope that, there will always be, many minor prophet like him (and Jaco) to make us keep our spirit, our brain open!