Isaac Hayes ‘Shaft’ / Camp Lo ‘Nicky Barnes’ / The Dutchmin ‘Get Your Swerve On’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-01-2007

Who was first african american to win an Academy Award in a non-acting category?
The soul icon Isaac Hayes, with “Theme From Shaft” produced by Stax Records.
I’m going to focus my attention on “Walk From Regio’s”, because i love its bassline above all, well harmonized with strings and trumpets..unique tune.
I hope these few words are worth getting your attention on it, cause we are talkin about another pearl of a great artist/label.
If i was not so cogent, take a look on previous Hayes post, then check the tracklisting.
If not this time yet, then drop straight to the links.


“Walk From Regio’s” was sampled by Camp Lo and The Dutchmin.
Joppa thinks Camp Lo released one of the most underrated rap 90′s albums (check also this post just to get it sharp-cut), i defenitely agree with him and i’m sure you do the same.


According to my knowledge The Dutchmin made just one record, which includes two dope tracks. I heard about them first time in ’97 when i was listening to “Live On Air – Volume 1″, Stretch Armstrong was speaking about some forthcoming Dolo Records releases. Was a Stretch hot tip, couldn’t have i followed it?


Ralph Bone, True, Tony Rutland and L.Blaze are what you think of four MCs with one flow. It’s a shame they didn’t ensue first joint, but how many times did it happen before?!
Camp Lo and Dutchmin worked out on the same sample, giving their craft touch but keeping the same great tune.

Listen to “Shaft” album
Listen to “Nicky Barnes aka It’s All Right” by Camp Lo
Listen to “Get Your Swerve On/Sorrounded” by The Dutchmin

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  1. I would be happy to exchange links.

    Dr. Chlorophyll’s Heavy Cuts

  2. ill-mago says:

    Yeah hot track by Dutchmin.
    I remember I loved it so much , I bought 2 copies of that vinyl single, and scratched them all night for several days.
    I was a great hip hop DJ according to BG’s standard in the 90′s. :)

  3. Ozzino says:

    Don’t rest on your laurels ;)
    We want some more ill-mago productions!

  4. djmp45 says:

    i found the dutchmin single for 1£ in a record shop…great was executively produced by stretch armstrong….i remember giulio cutting it…one of sarajevo’s finest moments…big up to ozzino for the great post!

  5. ill-mago says:

    Eheh Sarajevo’s good old days.
    Another great moment was when a quarterback from L.A. (Gal’s teammate) had been convinced to come to Sarajevo and forced to listen to L.A. L.A. by Mobb Deep for an entire afternoon, again and again.
    That was the heavy rotation in Sarajevo back then!
    Eheh does someone remember that? :)

  6. Swoop says:

    yo that’s a dope blog that u have here! Props!
    I was told that Dutchmin released another 12″ before this one but i don’t know how it’s called! This get your swerve on track is ill as fuck! It sounds lie it was made for being mixed and beat juggled!

    Peace! 1

  7. joppa says:

    You’re right Swoop!

    I’m sure this track was made deliberately for mixing and beat juggling!!! “grab the tek…”

  8. iSaac says:

    Listen….I just ran across this blog… but I’m 30 and when I was a kid
    I read in the SOURCE about some single making noise from the DUTCHMIN, I was very intrigued BUT NEVER EVER EVER found this track, and by just stumbling on it on YOUR website TODAY (March 21, 07) I have finally heard it….and the shit is bumpin….

    I cant thank you enough, any effort to put it online is so appreciated…

  9. joppa says:

    well, it’s things like that that make us so proud about our little blog….

    thank you for visiting!!! come back to visit us, other rare gems from the 90′s are planned….

    and big up to ozzino for this post!

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