Hurricane Starang_OGC

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-10-2006

This comes straight out from the OGC “Da storm”, one of my favourite albums since first day I stepped into hip hop world. I used to listen to it every day with my brothers (special thanks to Ozzy and terno al lotto that made me enter)…my good old days. According to my memory he never dropped a solo album, but Starang Wondah shows why is gunn clappa No. 1, his lirycs are tough raw and instictive, properly fit for pure duck down tunes.

Together with Louieville Sluggah (Gunn Clappa No. 2) and Top Dog (Gunn Clappa No. 3) he makes up OGC, that was the fourth group emerged from NYC’s Boot Camp Clik.

No dout the production is on point, Buckshot did a great job.

It was ’96, but 10 years later my car stereo still pumps it up!!

Check out the double split video for “Hurricane Starang” and “Danjer”


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  1. Antonio says:

    Beatminers, baby!

    The production is top notch, and the lyrics are hardcore.
    Classic New York boom-bap…

  2. djmp45 says:

    buckshot wasnt responsible for the production on this one…the majority of the bcc production were handled by beatminerz….and that’s why the first 4 album form the bcc camp sound so good!

  3. ozzino says:

    right clarification, it was my slip

  4. Antonio says:

    And the illbient-inspired production by Evil Dee and Mr. Walt is sooo good on the Storm.
    OGC also have some West Coast heat from E-Swift…

  5. Sitron says:

    Complimenti per il blog! Billy e Edo vi salutano sulla tagboard del sito

  6. Erin T. says:

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    i added your blog to our blogroll. want to be affiliated?