Hossam Ramzy – Khusara Khusara / Jay Z – Big Pimpin

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-14-2007

Most of the time Hip Hop takes samples from Soul and Funk. You can also find Jazz samples of course. And whit out a doubt Reggae, as we showed to you in some previous post. Again if you dig like a rabbit you will find Blues, Country, Rock, Latin, Classical, Gospel and much more. It’s all about digging.

But this time I give you something outside all this category. Today I speak about Hossam Ramzy, the Egyptian ambassador of rhythm and the world leading name in Egyptian dance music as it is stated on his official web site. So once again we go deep and wired. If you are looking to some other unusual break check also the Lucio Dalla one.

The song Khusara Khusara has been sampled by Jay-Z in Big Pimpin (feat UGK). I am not what you can call a fanatic of Jay-Z, not even the first album is a classic in my opinion, but he did some good tunes, I have to give him that. Check rather Original Flavor and his featuring in Show & Prove, you will find Jay-Z in great shape there. But that’s another story, the good old days.

I remember I had Big Pimpin as a ring tone on my mobile phone. (Yes like a kid, no shame!). It was 3 years ago and I went to Istanbul for a short holiday. Do you know what happened? Somebody stole my cell phone. For fuck sake, I didn’t know that the sample was Egyptian…..just joking :) , I hope that was no the reason

Anyway, as you probably don’t give a shit about my mobile. It’s time to get in to the music.

Make your girlfriend dance the belly dance and rock on


Jay-Z feat. UGK – Big Pimpin'

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  1. ILL-MAGO says:

    Ehy Marty, I was preparing the same post to answer to your Lucio Dalla one… but you have been quicker!
    3 things to say:
    -the beat is by Timbaland , maybe number one producer in the ‘strange digger’ category… do you agree?
    -this song brought to pop fame UGK. was that good… was that bad… maybe yes maybe no, maybe something I don’t know!
    -As we approach the 4th anniversary of Bush’s war against Iraq and Islam (20th March 2003) , is funny to think that Timbaland had the whole USA dancing to an islamic melody. Big UP!

    Great selection!

  2. Marty says:

    Yeah, you are right, i forgot to say that the producer is Timbo, definitely a strange digger.

    About UGK i think they deserve to get some recognition as they did a lot of underground before.

    About American dancing on an islamic sound, yeah it’s funny. I didn’t even think about it.

    Camon’ Giulio, be more prolific!!!! Give us some mad knowledge.

  3. musicnmedia says:

    The site you have linked under music & media is now located at

    Please updated it, I have also re-linked you on my new site.
    I see your still posting some interesting reads.

  4. ill-mago says:

    Eh eh ok Marty, I’ll try.
    Just a little Busy these days, I’m in the end of the regular season and training much. But I am preparing something!

  5. ivazem says:

    Hi My Name Is ivabam.

  6. [...] Det är nu en vecka kvar tills jag far till Egypten, inte för att insupa en av världens mest anrika kulturer och titta på pyramider, utan för att insupa all inclusive-buffé och titta på rödbrända chartertyskar. Men sol bör man ha, annars mår man inte bra. Jag kan inte mycket om egyptisk musik, ärligt talat kan Hossam Ramzys magdansvänliga Khusara Khusara vara den enda egyptiska låt jag hört. Det är en låt som inte är känd i sig utanför Egypten (där Hossam Ramzy tydligen är STOR – Elvisstor) utan känd indirekt, då Timbaland samplade den när han gjorde beatet till den eviga klubbplågan Big Pimpin’. Mer om Khusara Khusara, (kanske till och med en, host, mp3) återfinns här. [...]

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