Horace Silver ‘Filthy Mcnasty’ / Jaylib ‘Mcnasty Filth’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-02-2008

From 100% breaks oriented posts to top quality craft mixes (and RMX’s), let’s get back to the jazz column now.


The band on “Doin the Thing – At The Village Gate ” is one of Horace Silver’s best. At that time the music he was playing was closer to hard bop though there are some elements of soul that he would become more influenced by. As a live set, it is excellent, great sound quality especially with the remaster done by Rudy Van Gelder, which turned it to be so flawless.

The in between stage banter is dated but amusing and nostalgic and fits with the disc. Any fan of hard bop or soul jazz will want to pick this one up. Hard bop took away bebop and made jazz populist again without selling. Anything from Horace Silver from the 60′s is great. This is an especially good album though.


Check out the quintet: Gene Taylor on bass, Roy Brooks on drums, Junior Cook on sax (tenor), Blue Mitchell on trumpet and Horace Silver on piano. On the bottom you can find also a link to “Song For My Father,” which actually turned out to be a hit, another jem kindly offered by Blue Note Records. It’s samba like rhythm, is the primary rhythmic basis for the majority of the album.


I read this story about JAYLIB project, which sounds weird to me…Mail exchange? yep, you hit the nail on the head!

“Champion Sound was composed of beats sent back and forth via e-mail between the two. Most of Madlib’s contribution to the album were improved mixes of the bootleg compositions he had recorded late the previous year, with a few new ones solicited from Dilla.”


Eventually what come up was a solid album, with dope beats, crazy snipppets and witty lyrics. And even though the rhymes were thrown together, the album is bangin, and that is what it was supposed to be.
Fans of Madlib who come to this will miss some of the fuzzy lo-fi jazz that is his stock in trade, but will find enough here to keep them playing it. Fans of Jay Dee’s work can’t lose; they will have hit the motherlode here in the accumulation of even more of Jay Dee’s trademark-funky beats, but also in having uncovered another incredibly original cat in Madlib.

Check the video first


Give props to Mr. Silver!

Horace Silver – Doin’ The Thing

Horace Silver – Song For My Father

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