Hip Hop is dead… But the Soul still lives: Little Brother

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-24-2007

If 10 years ago, someone would have told you that in 2003 true Hip Hop would have been saved by someone from North Carolina, would you have believed it? Or would you have beaten him in the head with a Petey Pablo cd?


My aim with this post is to pay homage to a great trio, wich in 2003 reached the status of underground classic, with their critically acclaimed debut LP: The Listening. For those who missed it, I will cut a long story short : if 90′s hip hop, classic soul samples and wise lyrics are your thing, immediately go for this album. If you browse all underground hip hop sites and check for “The Listening” review, you will get an idea of the impact MCs Big Pooh and Phonte and DJ/producer 9th Wonder had on the scene. If you want my personal opinion, I don’t give this lp my personal 5 mics just for a reason: it was released in 2003, and for a Pete Rock/Tribe/ De La fan there’s nothing new on the plate to eat. But since you can not pass all of your life listening to oldies… check out Little Brother, because they are fresh and tasty as a good iced out pineapple juice in a Bergamo’s summer afternoon.The song I present you here samples a Bobby Womack Classic: And I Love her.You can find the song here:


Boby Womack’s impact in soul music is in my opinion comparable to Marvin Gaye’s or Sam Cooke’s. Maybe he is less known to the big public, but his influences on other artists, his collaborations, and his longevity are almost unique in black music history. He wrote songs for almost everybody (including Rolling Stones first commercial success (!), did a number of acclaimed soundtracks (maybe you will remember ‘Across 110th street’ ‘s theme) and still is doing that even if the blaxpoitation genre is a little out of fashion… (Ben Stiller’s blockbuster Meet the Parents’s soundtrack is supervised and partially arranged by Bobby Womack).


9th Wonder used this sample to create ’Speed’ a masterpiece where Phonte and Big Pooh touch topics and emotions that not many can in hip hop nowadays.

Little Brother – Speed

Oh, and if the song ’And I love her’ remembers you something… your third eye is right and you have a good musical culture. Bobby Womack was a great author, but the song is a Lennon/McCartney production.





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  1. Antonio says:

    9th Wonder has left the group. We’ll see if Tay and Pooh can make it without their beatmaker…

  2. Tim Hadnott says:

    I wish they would have learned from tribe to stick together and keep making real music and keep it in house, stay true were where these other producers when they first started, three albums in here they come to maybe change the sound of the true little brothers.

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