Grant Green – “Alive!” / Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “Mecca And The Soul Brother”

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This post could be called “Giants calling Giant”.
Anyone of you is bound to an artist, an album or a song. Cause it could give you the right feelings or create that atmosphere you use to love or, that’s what exactly happened to me, it could give you the pass to a new sound…Mr Grant Green was my entreè to jazz music with “Feelin’ The Spirit”.
When i listened to “Feeling The Spirit” i thought how jazz is as technical as well as captivate.
It made me feel like i was right there in the audience. I could actually hear the ice clinking in the drinks and the fans talking and shouting. It’s like being right there in a smoky early 70′s jazz club listening to a true legend get down with his bad self!
Enough lookin at these pics, they talk.


Recorded with the usual Blue Note perfection at the Cliche Lounge in Newark, NJ on August 15th 1970, this CD But ever the seasoned showman, Green knows enough to “bring the room down” for two slower songs, and two highlights of the album they are!
Perhaps it’s a bit odd that while the 1950s and 1960s threw up many notable guitarists–Montgomery, Galbraith, Puma, Hall, Ellis, Lowe, Pass, &c–they mostly tended to the quieter end of the spectrum: the guitar wasn’t frequently encountered in the tough-as-nails, abrasive music known as hard bop. The only two guitarists to have made much of an impact at Blue Note, the home of hard bop, were Kenny Burrell & Grant Green.


Green was a guitarist blessed with the ability to make just about anything sound good; even something as unpromising as “Moon River” (on _The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark_) in his hands becomes convincing & impeccable jazz. His playing was supremely melodic, unornamented & relaxed; his sound was delicate, but surprisingly adaptable to even the toughest of hard bop contexts. He recorded in a lot of settings; at the time Blue Note seemed mostly interested in his more commercially-oriented work (gospel, blues, organ trio, Latin, pop standards), & it was only after Green’s untimely death in the late 1970s that a lot of Green’s most important & grittiest work was released, like a pair of albums with McCoy Tyner & Elvin Jones in the rhythm section, or a clutch of discs with Sonny Clark on piano.


Pour yourself a tall Tanqueray on the rocks, and put the album on. Dim the lights. If you must smoke, I would go with a light Maryland pipe tobacco, unsweetened. Please do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this music.

I told you before, talkin’ about essential albums. “Mecca & The Soul Brother” is righteous, what you call a Classic.
The soundscapes are filled with jazz inflicted melodies, mellow samples and soul breaks. That’s really what makes this album stand out from the bunch. C.L. delivers so much heart, soul and sincerity, that it makes the whole record sound profoundly personal.


Listen “Act Like You Know”, Pete Rock wisely put the same jazzy atmosphere you can find listening “Down Here On The Ground”.
One could hardly believe that their sprawling 80-minute debut could hold as much promise and cohesiveness as these other reviewers state. Not a single cut or interlude seems wasted in it’s entirety.
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Below you can find also “Feeling The Spirits”. I didn’t speak about this, just listen to it…hopefully it will give you all those deep feelings i was talkin about.
Time to listen, don’t be shy…grab these sweet cherries.

Listen to “Alive!

Listen to “Mecca And The Soul Brother

Listen to “Feelin’ The Spirit

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