GRACE JONES Nightclubbing / SHYNE Bad Boyz

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-28-2006

Ok , watch the video first and tell me what we have………….we have two bad boys in the land of Jamaica , the ghetto of Kingston , the most dangerous urban area in the world.

What this two guys have in common with Iggy Pop and David Bowie ? Apparently nothing.

But if you follow me on this mad musical journey from Studio One to Sly & Robbie , from Grace Jones to Ziggy Stardust and Iggy Pop , from Puffy’s production back to Jamaica , you will be surprise to find more then one connection.

Personally I will start from the very beginning but if you prefer you can go on the other way around as well , it’s up to you.

The riddim comes from Studio One and was used by Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare in the 1980 to produce Nightclubbing , a Grace Jones cover of an Iggy Pop rock hit. The whole album was produced by Sly & Robbie and the title of the LP takes the name from Iggy’s song.

iggy when he wasn’t famous

If the story is not enough complicated for you , the original lyrics of Nightclubbing was written by David Bowie in the 1976 and it was included in the Iggy’s album The Idiot.

The lyrics is pretty straight forward but if you know Ziggy and Iggy you will find many meaning( consider the year when it has been written ) :

Nightclubbing were nightclubbing
Were whats happening
Nightclubbing were nightclubbing
Were an ice machine

We see people brand new people
Theyre something to see
When were nigh
Bright-white clubbing
Oh isnt it wild?

Nightclubbing were nightclubbing
Were walking through town
Nightclubbing were nightclubbing
We wal
k like a ghost
We learn dances brand new dances
Like the nuclear bomb
When were nightclubbing
Bright white clubbing
Oh isnt it wild…

Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing

Then in the 2000 Puffy , who was trying to find a new Biggie to smash the chart , found out this MC , Shyne , who share the same musical drones with Notorious BIG, but nothing else more. This tune is great , but the rest of the album is crap , truly forgettable. The video is amazing and barrington leavy featured a fantastic back vocal contribution. He hasn’t done a big effort to be honest (he stole some money from Puffy for few vocals) but his contribute give an extra Jamaican flavor to the track. He probably then hire some of the street militia you see in the video.

Nightclubbing Grace Jones

Shyne then went to jail for the controversy gun fire with Puffy and Jennifer Lopez in a club and he has done a second album from prison which I really don’t know a shit about it.He is still in jail.



Every artist on those tracks celebrates the old and the new in music, and the ability to enjoy them in unexpected different ways.






14 Responses to “GRACE JONES Nightclubbing / SHYNE Bad Boyz”

  1. ozzino says:

    Obviously, I didn’t know anything about musical path (another daily pearl) except for last years with Shyne and Bad Boy records.
    And apropos that, I dissent from you because according to my taste Shyne is a dope lyricist and if he wouldn’t had been overbeard by his gansta tendencies (Puffy was too smooth and full of bucks to get locked up), he would actually keep endowing us new power pieces

  2. fizzo says:

    rizpect for the song biography.
    I wish i knew half of what you know about music.

  3. joppa says:

    Grande Marty, best post ever!!

  4. Marty says:

    Believe me Ozzino , Shyne is a weak mc , is just a biggie wanna be.

  5. Marty says:

    Respect to Fizzo , back in the days when i was a teenager he was the best driver.
    On his van on the way to Zurich , good old days.
    I remember , just after few months of driving licence , crashing my Y10 in his garage.
    Anyway i studied at the Google university.

  6. ozzino says:

    I don’t want to start talking bout hip hop with rapnologists like you or Joppa, as lefty in donnie barsco used to say…”forget about it”.
    Anyway everybody pointed at him as the new biggie smalls, no doubt he was looser from the beginning

  7. GroS says:


  8. fizzo says:

    Rather than the best driver I probably was the ‘only’ available driver…
    The good thing I remember about that couple of days, a good weekend across switzerland :p
    The concert in my memory was a poor one…
    But I was more into ‘The Old School’ thing, so I am not a reliable rap-analyst… and even less I definately am not a music cultist. :p
    c ya

  9. Giulio says:

    Check out ‘More or Less’ from Shyne new album from jail, produced by K West. On dope production Shyne still kicks ass.

  10. djmp45 says:

    probably shyne is not a good mc , but obviously he sparks lot of controversy…9 post on this blog is a record!

  11. Mikky says:

    long life to Iggy: this is a good way to remember his art… and his good old-days …: please Iggy, stop makin’ records: you’re a Grandpà, now!

  12. [...] Sometimes hip hop goes back to its origins by sampling reggae beats (see also the bad boys post) , and for those who -like us- love both reggae and hip hop music, the combination is delightful! [...]

  13. DababeLelve says:

    Her chants were indeed stalwart consciously they kneaded out miraculously leafy as he cradled it to binder tentively to rest. It bloomed before me, the northwest appointed headful themdehe fantasizing from its clamshell.

  14. dababeLelve:

    Are you a random sentence generator or just Ozzino under a different nickname?