Gangstarr and Jeru live at the “Festa dell’Unità” in Modena Italy (1994)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-17-2006

I got a story to tell……..It was, let say, 12 years ago or maybe 13, I really cannot remember exactly. I just remember that I didn’t have the driving  license yet, that’s mean it was pretty long time ago. Anyway, at that time I was really an hip hop fanatic. Going around with baggy jeans, huge Sony headphone, Timberland boots,  as I was living in a Wu Tang Clan video. So I went to this concert in Modena to watch who at that time was considerate one of the best crew. Straight out from D&D studio to Italy ladies and gentleman Dj Premier, Guru, Jeru the Damaja and Afu.Ra. That concert was amazing. It was my first Hip Hop concert and it was absolutely out of the hook. I still remember Dj Premier scratching Code of the street with his special and wired sound effect. Who knows the song understand perfectly what I am talking about. We were there very early due to the train schedule, as I said before we could not drive the car as we were too young. Around 6 o’clock in the afternoon a big bus parked next by the stage and Jeru, Afu, Guru and Premier, came out of the sliding door completely fucked up , smelling weed and with blood in their eyes. We went to them like kids as we were, asking some stupid hip hop questions. They truly did not give a shit about it, they were focused on ours swatchs ( a cheap Swiss brand of watches ). So they wanted to make a dial with us. They offered us their t-shirt to obtain the watches. Yeah, big deal !!! I still have this shirt and I still use it, but I am still waiting to see Jeru in a video with my swatch as he promised to me. I met him during a concert in Zurich few years later but no way I gave him another watch.