Funkmaster Flex – On Hot 97 February 1996

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Welcome back, today we have a nice radio rip from NY’s own HOT97 from 1996, straight from (the ending of) Hip Hop’s golden era. This tape is full of classics and, I must say, full of memories for me and Mr.Martini. In 1996 we were 20 year old you know what i mean? We were down with this music all day every day and knew all the tunes by memory.

Basically this post is really nothing new for us, but i just realized that we are in 2012 so i thought it might be cool to let the youngsters check out the music we had in our Sony Walkmans when we were their age.

I got the feeling golden age hip hop is becoming “hype” once again, that “vintage” appeal is suddenly bringing this music under the radar again.

(btw, hipsters are so dumb: good music is good music no matter if it was made 2 years ago or 20 years ago…if a tune is one year old they’re gonna be like “it’s over“, and then re-descover it 10 years later … stupid idiots. Jus sayin.)

Bill Withers – 1973 BBC Concert Complete

The mix starts with AZ, immediately followed by the Smif N Wessun superclassic “Wrekonize rmx”, based on “Just The Two Of Us” by Bill Withers (can’t help posting his full concert here, even if we’re talkin about hip hop, sorry) and Grover Washington Jr. Possibly my favourite hip hop tune ever. You can’t front with that classic souled out sound, still so modern and classy.

Grover Washington Jr. – Just The Two Of Us

There is something magic about the way Flex throws in tune after tune, speeding them up and butchering them by bringing back the dope parts, giving the mix his very own signature. He was undefeatable no doubt! Enjoy.

Funkmaster Flex – On Hot 97 February 1996 side ( a ) by Mayacu Skunk on Mixcloud

Funkmaster Flex – On hot 97 february 1996 side ( b ) by Mayacu Skunk on Mixcloud

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