Freddie Hubbard ‘First Light’ / Souls Of Mischief ”93 Till Infinity’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-02-2007


It was like a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine made me listen to this jazz album.
Get the point, i’m not a habitual jazz listener so i can’t say to have a “jazzist tin ear”, that’s why i was a little bit distrustful. It’s not properly an easy listening, but we’re talking about artists..this is not music for the mass at all.
Freddie Hubbard was born in Indianapolis, but his jazz career began in earnest after moving to NY in ’58. Living there, he got in touch with famous artists such as Joe Henderson, Oliver Nelson and Quincy Jones, among others. He recorded extensively for Blue Note Records: 8 albums as a bandleader, and 28 as a understood that right..28!

Moving over from Blue Note to Atlantic Label and then to CTI Records his style became more “commercial” (don’t get the usual negative word acceptation), releasing his best-known works in 1970: Red Clay, First Light and Sky Dive.
Freddie plays with absolutely beautiful tone throughout, surrounded by stellar musicians. CTI had this stable of musicians that were a vertitable who’s who.
For instance, on the opening title track, the listener is immediately transported to a remote location at sunrise, and as the sun continues to rise with each note, the location becomes less and less remote until it becomes an entire metropolis booming with activity due to the break of day.


Sampling Mr Hubbard without loosing his great sounding is defenetely a hard work, but i think Souls Of Mischief hit the centre.
To be honest i have slept on their album for a while, but a couple of years ago i was listening to a WKCR show with Stretch and Bobbito (check Konstant Kontact on our “Remarkable Blogs section”, that’s a mandatory click) when Souls of Mischief were actually promoting their first album ’93 Till Infinity under Jive Records.. old good feelings rised again in a while.
The chemistry between all the MC’s is great. Each of them (A-Plus, Opio, Phesto & Tajai) is building off each others styles to form just amazing work.

Check “Never No More” video

Souls of Mischief – Never No More

This album is beats that meet all expectations, unique flow and creative lyrics.
Production is done by Hiero crew members Domino, Del, A-Plus, Casual & Jay-Biz…bassline from intro to outro is of that kind you could love!

Set the repeat on your mp3 player, cause this album is NOT today’s strictly fast forward material

Listen to “‘93 Till Infinity

First Light” is a great introduction and a good doorway into jazz. This recording serves both the longtime jazz fans and the new listeners as well (as me).

Listen to “First Light

Listen to SOM live at Stretch&Bobbito Show

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  1. ilmago says:

    As a starter in this art and as a Coltrane lover… I can say that sampling this kind of jazz tunes is really a difficult mission.
    great job on production on that LP, you will not find easy loops taken from the first 4 bars of the song there… That’s the kind of production I like most.
    I am not saying creating hits as ‘Nothing but a g thang’ or ‘Victory’ is easy… But don’t tell me that was a hard work… :)

  2. Andrew says:

    Dman, that’s some hot shit. Reminds me a little of some of Donald Byrd’s stuff produced by the Mizell Bro’s, like Black Byrd and stuff. Just beautiful music. My friends get all “What’s up Chuck Mangione” on me when they hear me listening to this stuff, “but I don’t mind; they’ll never understand the kind of fun I find…” I’m really glad I’ve moved well past sampling Jazz and into just listening to it. You should pimp Miles Davis’ Rated X if you haven’t yet- that’s some proto-hiphop if ever there was. Keep up the great work!

  3. You have to start loving jazz somewhere, and this is as good as anyplace – for me it was the lightning fast fusion of Return to Forever and Mahavishnu prchestra and then Pat Metheny. Check out the postings on my blog for more jazz-funk and hip-hop connections,

  4. Ozzino says:

    nice blog jeffrey, i’ve adjusted your link

  5. djmp45 says:

    hey ozzino, check jack bruce “things we like” for lots of sample (used by smif n wessun on bucktown, artifacts on wrong side of the track or many other song by showbiz and a.g. first lp….a nice album full of great samples)

  6. Ozzino says:

    …Cella Dwellas and Lords Of The Underground.
    Thanks for the tip prea!

  7. Simon666 says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve linked to your post as part of the background to my post of Freddie Hubbard’s “Polar AC” (1975). The links there go to your page, not to your files.

    All the best,
    Simon from Never Enough Rhodes

  8. Ozzino says:

    As most of you already knows, Freddie Hubbard has passed away some days ago (Dec. 29), in the Sherman Oaks district of LA, where he was hospitated since he had a heart attack on Nov. 26.
    As everybody here at Martini&Jopparelli’s site use to love his music, we’d like to commemorate him in the only way we could do…re-uploading “First Light” album.

    You can also listen to “Red Clay”, I’ve decided to share it with you cause there’s a strong funk sound throughout the album and that is a sound Mr. Hubbard would move more towards as the decade progressed.
    The title track is a beautiful piece of music with Mr. Hubbard and saxophonist Joe Henderson perfectly melding their instruments together over the top of a slithering electric piano riff from Herbie Hancock.

    We’ll miss you Freddie, rest in peace.

    Red Clay

    First Light

  9. [...] of LA, where he was hospitated since he had a heart attack on Nov. 26. As everybody here at Martini&Jopparelli’s site use to love his music, we’d like to commemorate him in the only way we could do…re-uploading [...]