Donald Byrd / Black Moon

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-21-2006

Today i talk about a song that I genuinely love , as are all of the tunes I post here , but one that escapes easy categorization, and thus description. How can you capture in a definition this smooth as silk song composed by Donald Byrd ? ( Contemporary Jazz? Nah , i don’t like that ). The tune in metter is Wind Parade.

So once again thanks to one of the great collective of Hip Hop producers of the ’90 to get me deep in to the marvelous world of sixty/seventy black music. The collective is the Beatminerz: Baby Paul, Chocolate Tye, Evil Dee, Mr. Walt, Rich Blak ( check all their works on Discogs ).


Listen: Buck’EmDown JoppaEdit

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  1. joppa says:

    To be precise, the song was composed by Larry Mizell, and performed by Donald Byrd.

  2. marcello p says:

    this sample was used also by others (tupac, etc), but the beatminerz rock it in the best way…one of the most amazing song in the 90′s…on the single there’s the rmx, which is more defined and polished and have the original sample at the end of the song…pure genius…on the b-side of that single there’s murder mc’s, another great tune that missed the album cut

  3. NEXT says:

    Anything by Donald Byrd is great music. “Wind Parade” is my favorite Byrd composition. I also love Black Moon’s “Buck Em Down” (original & remix). The gritty, dusty sound of BM’s original is pure genius and gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.