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Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-11-2008

[Jopparelli] Few months ago, we came across a fantastic mixtape of 90′s hip hop remixes and b-sides…just the way we like it. We were quite surprised to find out that it was actually made in the 2ks.

This is how we started being into DJ Superix’ work, and now we are proud of giving you a very interesting interview with a man which is about to enter Hip Hop history with his next project: a mix-up of ALL the Ultimate Breaks and Beats records…this is gonna be wild.

Well, here’s the whole story, we hope you like it! Obviously our man has some goodies for you also… Hands up for the DJ!

Please introduce yourself to our readers…

Hi, I’m DJ Superix, based in london, UK and one half of a Southern Hospitality.

Which are your favourite years in hip hop? And why?

I love 1985, 1986, 1990, 1995, 2001, hang on a minute, this is a very hard question! I’ll try to answer it in more detail though.

1985-86 was the time for me that really started to cement the hip hop sound together we know of today, up to that point a lot of the music had been heavily electro influenced, but i noticed people started to use samples more, and the sound changed from drum machines and studio played music to using samples of drum breaks etc, and you really started to here this going into 1986-87, with artists such as Eric B & Rakim, Run Dmc (who didn’t seem to use hardly any samples before 1986). Anyway, I pretty much love most years in hip-hop, there’s always been the records out there, its just its not always easy to find them. But 1985 was when I really started to get into the ‘hip hop’ sound, I was always into electro & rap music before that as I loved breakdancing, but as breakdancing seemed to die out, the music lived on and seemed to develop and keep going.

Favourite MC(s)?

Again, tough question! I love all the obvious ones, Biggie, Snoop, Jay-Z, Rakim, Tha Nutcracker from Group Home (only joking). But there are some that aren’t so obvious, I was always a fan of the MC’s who had the distinct voices, for example, Jay-Z and Biggie both have great voices for hip hop and other guys who came before them like Melle Mel, Slick Rick, MC Lyte, Ice Cube and I used to love hearing MC Ren on the NWA records, his voice was the standout for the group for me, but NWA all had those great distinct styles. There are so many to name its impossible!

Favourite Producer(s)?

Jeez, you’re questions are hard!! Well, its tricky, alot producers who have made great tracks go through ups and downs. I guess the most prolific and consistent producers that I would name are: Dr DRE, Timbaland, DJ Premier, Kanye West, The Neptunes & Organized Noize, although I wasn’t that aware of them until much later. But I would easily add to that some that are so often overlooked: Swizz Beatz, Marley Marl, DJ Toomp, Kurtis Mantronik – who I have added for making my personal favourite beat of all time Just Ice’s ‘Cold Getting Dumb’! But there are so many new guys that I like, but I’ll save that for another day!

Best hip hop album of all times, in your opinion?

It gets tougher… Ok, in no particular order I’ll name 5 without thinking too hard:

Snoop Doggy Dog – Doggystyle
Public Enemy – It takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
Run Dmc – Raising Hell
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – He’s The DJ I’m The Rapper
DJ Quik – Quik Is The Name

I’m not sure if i would say the same off the top of my head tomorrow or next week, its so difficult, there’s so many.

Who is the DJ that inspired you most when you started? And now?

Easy – that would be DJ Jazzy Jeff. without question, I think he’s quite possibly the best DJ there ever has been, he’s both a pioneer and innovator, he’s never disappoints, he may not be the best producer, but as a DJ he kicks ass. If I was to say who’s most inspiring now though – its a very biased answer, but its my main man Rob Breezy. In a club situation, he can pretty much rock any crowd, he plays great music and always inspires me to step my game up musically more than anyone else. Oh, I must also mention London’s Shortee Blitz, you should check him out if you are ever in London.

Which mixtape (by another DJ) is your favourite of all time, the one that inspired you most?

This is a tough one, its not particularly by 1 DJ. Its the whole of the Electro series released in the 80′s by Streetsounds. Those mixtape’s / compilations are the best mixtapes of all time. The tracks are incredible, and the mixing, although a lot of it is done with studio equipment, will never be beaten.

Your “Lost & Found” mixtapes rock, that’s a fact. But you sure did a lot of other mixes over the years. Which is the best in your opinion, the one you’re more satisfied with?

The lost and found ones were really something i did to compile a load of tracks I really liked that had a similar sound and feel. I love all those remixes from the mid 90′s and the rare stuff that never quite made it to the radio. Me and my DJ partner Rob Breezy are doing exactly the same thing now with our ‘Coast to Coast’ compilations and also ‘The Hits You Missed 2007′, taking the stuff that you may not be hearing and compiling them into 1 solid mix that people can check out, saving them the time to go searching for all that stuff and also trying to prevent people from saying ‘hip hop isnt as good as it used to be’ which I hear so much, the truth is, it is as good as its always been – you just have to work harder to find it – or download our mixtape’s! The mix I’m most satisfied with is my newest – ‘Ultimate Ultimate, Ultimate’ a 2CD mix of EVERY Ultimate Break (thats over 160 on 2 CDS) Its been a very long time in the making and a lot of the routines and sets are some that have taken me years to get right!

You’re playing in a club, and you suddenly realize that is the coolest situation you’ve ever played in. Beautiful spot, full of gorgeous ladies dancing in the crowd, massive sound system, everything is perfect! Which record do you put on the plate in that precise moment?

Ha Ha – well, these days it would have to be ‘Be faithfull’ for no other reason than the fact that everyone will always go nuts. Either that or something like ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, something big, that appeals to everyone.

Which musical styles you’re into besides hip hop?

Everything. There’s probably something I like in every musical genre. I’m not a music elitist in any way. I’ll freely admit I like something if I think its good.


What are you listening in your car right now?
I’ve really just been listening to The Dream’s debut album & Lil Wayne’s ‘The Carter 3′ and anything with T-Pain on!

Which equipment do you prefer for playin? Vinyl, Serato, CDJs or Software? What do you think of the recent evolution of DJ equipment?

Serato is the best without question. Its the only one that truly reminds me of using real records, you can do everything you could with vinyl & much much more! I love the new technology, it means I dont mess up my records anymore and I dont have to carry 5000 records with me. Its also great because with the music I play, its so hard to prepare a box for a night, as you are always reading the crowd, if something isnt working, then you have to cater to what is going to work. That was always hard with a box a records as you could easily just fill it with the same old guaranteed club bangers, but there’s not much excitement in that. Its much easier for a DJ of say House music or Drum & Bass, because its pretty much all the same tempo and you are mixing the same beat over and over and people will dance no matter what.

Hip hop pioneer Phill the Soulman during an interview at Masscorporation has stated: I take more of an issue with the fact that people are still using the term”Hip Hop” when they talk about current rap than I object to the actually music that’s being made today. I just think it’s a different thing, that’s all. [...] I will never understand why you have people today who ride for this stuff yet still want it to be labeled as “Hip Hop”. Why would you care? Why would you get your draws all twisted just because somebody states that “Hip Hop is dead”? Be proud that you’re doing your own thing and creating your own legacy… Do you agree? You have followed rap over the years, what do you think about the changes? Where do you see hip hop going?

To me, its not changed all that much, a lot of people are always going on about ‘its all about money etc etc these days’ but if you look back over the last 25 years or so, songs like the ever popular ‘rappers delight’ were boasting about financial gain, and NWA always talked about guns, but for some reason or another the people who love those records are saying all the negative stuff about the newer artists. There’s people who will say ‘the best years in hip hop was the nineties’ or something like that because that’s when they really started listening to hip hop and nothing can replace that newness of the hip hop scene to them again. So they get mistaken by saying that era was the best ever. I have been listening to hip hop / rap music, whatever you want to call it, since 1983 when I was a small kid, and I was excited by the fact it sounded like nothing else out there, and unless I get into a new form of music that is totally different to anything else today, I probably won’t experience that feeling I had as a kid again. Its just people get older and reminisce about the good old days thinking it was the best time ever, and sometimes forget to enjoy the present too! Do you see what I mean? I don’t usually get into the politics too much, I just listen to the music like I always have done. I still get excited by great records like I used to, for example last year the Dogg Pound released a record called ‘Cali Is Active’ and when I heard it, it was the same sort of feeling I had when I first heard ‘I get around’ by 2pac, I thought it was amazing. But that’s just one example, I’m always hearing new stuff that I like. Hip Hop hasn’t changed as much as people think it has!

Do you follow UK Hip Hop? What do you think of it?
Not really, I think the whole ‘uk scene’ over here is fairly introverted. It still thinks its the nineties and still rips of DJ Premier style beats. But I do like the breakaway artists like Dizzie, SWAY, Wiley and I think Estelle is very talented and its great she’s doing so well.

Wiley 'Numbers in Action' – Official music video

In the UK, Hip Hop and MC-ing evolved also into something different: you have MCs rappin over Drum n Bass, UK Garage, 2 Step and Grime tracks. What do you think about that scene? Do you like some of that stuff?

As I mentioned, Dizzie, Wiley etc, is the only think I feel can compete with the US as its our own sound, its not use trying to be something else, that’s what I feel is the thing that will push the UK forward.

With you being a deejay, talk about some funny thing you went through to get your music…

Well, when I was a student, I was unable to afford to buy a lot of records, so I used to just stock up on lots of baked beans that costed 9p a tin, and only eat them for weeks so I could buy a new 12”, over in the UK,US import 12” would always cost close to £10 and I had to get my doubles!!

Can you recommend a few records to our visitors?

I’d like to use this bit to promote a new CD of mine, Its called ‘Ultimate Ultimate, Ultimate’ Its every break from the original Ultimate breaks and beats series – all mixed together onto 2 cd’s, as far as I know nobody has mixed them ALL before, thats over 160 breaks! It’s released this Summer and you’ll be able to buy it online or in most hip hop stores very soon. Please check out the 10 minute sample to get a flavour of what’s on the 2 cds!

Thanks for all the support guys – keep up the good work!

Dreams of 1992 – Mixed By DJ Superix by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

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  1. DJ Lab says:

    On the best hip hop albums of all time he should have included Outkast’s ‘Aquemini’ album

    DJ Lab for

  2. Mr Mass™ says:

    Superix Knows His Classics!
    Martini & Jopparelli You Did It Again!!

  3. Good interview. Also, very good article on the last Superfly. So far, it’s the best you did, I think.

  4. Travis says:

    Great interview for sure…I’ll have to check out dudes music

  5. djmp45 says:

    the lost & found mix are very nice…hope i’ll get the ultimate mix soon !
    nice one

  6. Ozzino says:

    Really juicy interview!
    I agree with yo when you’re talkin about the UK scene. You may like it or not, but MC’s like Dizzee keep doin their own thing.

    Waitin for your last mix…10 mins sample won’t be enough for a long time :-)

  7. ilmago says:

    Mad props to Superix for the Lost and Found mixes… Props to M&J for the interview. I definitely agree with him about hip hop nowadays in Europe (I liked some S.A.S shit recently though), the Serato and all the ‘golden era’ debate… at the end of the story everyone’s golden era is his 20′s…

  8. ilmago says:

    DJMP we are waiting for your 90′s random rap mix

  9. djmp45 says:

    i will call it forgotten rap!

  10. grazie per i compli, Antonio! Devo dire che anche tu stai facendo un ottimo lavoro, collega!

  11. Collega? Come suona strano (haha).
    A parte i salamelecchi (che non mi appartengono), la vostra rubrica e’ sempre interessante, e questo e’ l’importante per me. Ben scritta e curiosa al punto giusto.
    Non sempre sono d’accordo al 100% (vedi Timbaland), ma e’ proprio quello il bello. Un pezzo deve stimolare, al di la’ del fatto che uno possa avere opinioni diverse. Continuate cosi’! … e poi vediamo se riusciremo mai ad avere tempo per fare quello “scambio Erasmus” fra blog di cui avevamo parlato.
    Looking forward to the random rap mix, DJMP45!

  12. djmp45 says:

    antonio: ci saranno molti pezzi dall’89 al 91..spero che apprezzerai!

  13. Gia’ l’idea mi fa venire l’acquolina in bocca… Avanti cosi’ (word to Pizzul)!

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