DJ Red Alert Kiss FM – 08/12/1989

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It’s been a long time since my last post about Radio mixes.

Time has come to push another dope Radio session, you have waited long enough!

Previously we had:

Clark Kent – WBLS Mix 1990

Mr Magic & Marley Marl – WBLS Mix 1987

Marley Marl – WBLS Mix 1985

Chuck Chillout – KISS FM 1986

Which are all still available (just click on each mix)!

This time the legendary Red Alert is in control with a nice blend of reggae and of course Hip Hop! The selection is smooth and easy going, definitely another classic mix for your collection.

Here an extract from an interview he did for the Red Bull Music Academy (he is a tutor, what else do you expect from a legend?)

DJ Red Alert: »No, this is how this happened. I was going to the jams and I was being inspired, then when I started working I’d go to the store called Discomat, real big at the time, and spend all my money on records. Even though I didn’t have no set yet, I was just collecting the records. Later on I saved up and bought a set, Technics 1800’s with a Clubman 1-1 mixer. I had it set up with my mattress on the floor, put my crates right in front of it and my set right on top of it. Have my crates of records right around in front of the bed, put my set in front of me and start DJing. I learnt how to DJ by watching how people were catching certain parts of the record. I’d watch them and go home, before I even got my set, I’d have my little Gerard turntable and I used to put my ear to it and listen for the breaks. After I learnt that my cousin was coming around, he’d say: “Yo man, what’s this you’re doing.” I’d say: “I’m learning how to DJ.” So I’d show him the basics. At the time he was staying in Manhattan, then he moved to the Bronx River projects, he was getting more and more into DJing and for his first set he’d use Technics SL-23’s and a little Clubman mixer. Now as he started DJ-ing, someone put the word to a guy called, rest in peace, Disco King Mario who came from another section of the Bronx. “Yo, this guy called Jazzy, you better check him out.” Disco Mario was known to have a great soundsystem, but he didn’t have turntables or records, very few records, but he was very competitive to the next man I’ll talk about later on. Here it is. He got to hear about my cousin Jazzy, “You want to get down with me? I’ll put you on.” Put him on, had him working, but he was jerking him because he wasn’t paying him. He would get him exposure. Then the next guy I’m talking about said: “Who’s this little youth that’s working with Mario?” “Yo, that’s that kid that just moved into the projects.” “What’s he doing over there? He’s supposed to be down with us.” That guy was A. At the time he had two AfriKa Bambaataa DJ’s before Jazzy, one named Zombo and one named Sinbad. One of them had fallen out, he wasn’t down with Bam no more and that’s when he approached my cousin. “You don’t need to be down with them, you’re from the Bronx River projects.” Jazzy kept talking to him about me, “Put my cousin down.” “Who’s your cousin?” “My cousin from over in Manhattan.” So then, when the next DJ fell out he brought me in, and there you have Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay and Red Alert.«

Check the whole interview HERE!

and of course taste the mix: DJ Red Alert Kiss FM – 08/12/1989

Just in case, here an alternative link: DJ Red Alert Kiss FM – 08/12/1989

I got several more, keep following us!

9 Responses to “DJ Red Alert Kiss FM – 08/12/1989”

  1. You are that dude for having those mixes. Red Alert used to shut shit down with his shows. Like evrybody else I used to record those joints, but I wish I would have saved them. Classic material!! Props for the links and let me pass on a link to you.

    Check out vintage Nas at his recent concert in NYC ft Bussa Bus!!

    and the download

    the Ipod and iphone downloads at my Blog

    Peace and Much respect!


  2. Hi Majestic

    Thanks a lot for the link, i love live concert and i really appreciate people like you who share rare stuff!

    Big up and if you want to trade links just let me know!

  3. yeah lets trade links, gonna post some of your stories, gonna do a section for just classical material. Yeah whatever you need let me know and its done!!

  4. DirtyWtares says:

    Niiiice! good looking out for the shows really good stuff

  5. Bobbi says:

    Thatz wussup, I remember listening to Jazzy, Red, Chuck Chillout and The Latin Rascals when KISS first started them Fri/Sat shows. I think Jazzy was only on twice but he was nice and I had taped them. I always tried to outdo what I heard them do on my JVC straight arms…it wasn’t happening but ya boy was nice. Props B cause I just found some of my old cassettes from like 85-87. This is great to have them digitized…that real ish…Can’t 4get HBI tho…peace to Awesome Two and Magic & Marley…

  6. Noel Waterbury says:

    Thanx for the 89 Red Alert link. Red has always been my favorite. His mixing is smooth. I have tapes that I wish I knew how to get them on CD or post them for others to download. I have been looking for a mix from 86 of his that contains The Rappin Duke, My Melody, a song called My Posse, Girls Aint nuthin but Trouble. Is anyone familiar with this tape. Please let me know. If anyone can help with getting the tapes to CD or my computer please help. As I said, I would love to post them. Peace.

    Ft. Smith, AR.

    • Hi Noel, thanx for writing.

      It is easy to turn old tapes into mp3s, try following the instrucions HERE.

      It woud be great to recover your old tapes, and if you want to post them here, along with a few lines of comment, you’re welcome!


    • Lorraine says:

      Hi Noel,


      Good Luck