Dj Premier/Mr.Thing: The Kings Of Hip Hop

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-12-2007

Holiday time here in Italy, just a quick post for one of my favourite cds.

I bought this CD at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in 2005…i guess i was one of the few people to come out of a reggae festival with a hip hop CD! Despite being overloaded with reggae music 24 hours a day, i picked up this cd immediately from the stand, especially after seeing the playlist!


Dj Premier here gives us a classic break mix with his typical mixtape style: he plays the first bars of each tune back and forth several times, then he lets the track flow and he occasionaly doubles-up the best parts. Pure fire. Back inthe 90′s, putting my hand on a mixtape like this was a only a dream. Stuff like this was almost impossible to find in Italy back then. Nice i found it now at least, late is better than never.


Mr. Thing is a DMC winner and former member of the Scratch Perverts. I never heard of him before this CD, since i am not into turntablism a lot. But, after seeing the track list on the booklet i thought: this dj is my idol! He starts with Smif N Wessun, then he mixes the Black Moon “Got Cha Opin” original with the remix (the highlight of the whole mix), then he puts some De La and Pete Rock, and finally he switches back to the late 80′s….what a terrific selection! And best of all, he doesn’t scratch too much (i was a litte afraid of this because when turntablists scratch too much they don’t let you hear the track as it is supposed to flow)! So, big up Mr. Thing for keeping his fingers quiet this time.


I thought, since maybe most of you already have this cd, why not rippin it in hi-quality 320 kbps LAME!! The definitive rip!


DJ Premier disc, tracklist:
1. Mister Magic [Single Version] – Jr. Grover Washington
2. Skin Tight [Single Version] – The Ohio Players
3. Ain’t No Half Steppin’ – Heatwave
4. The Message from the Soul Sisters, Pts. 1 & 2 – Vicki Anderson
5. Love Ballad – L.T.D.
6. Sweet Thing [Album Version] – Rufus, Chaka Khan
7. I Put a Spell on You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
8. Q [Album Version] – The Brothers Johnson
9. We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue – Curtis Mayfield
10. Walkin’ in the Sun – Percy Sledge
11. Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding
12. In the Midnight Hour – Wilson Pickett
13. Bring It on Home to Me – Percy Sledge
14. Men Are Getting Scarce – The Chairman of the Board
15. Don’t Explain [Album Version] – Nina Simone

Mr. Thing disc, tracklist:
1. Thingtro – DJ Premier
2. Sound Bwoy Burreill – Smif-N-Wessun
3. I Got Cha Opin – Black Moon
4. Fakin Jax – InI, Pete Rock
5. The Bizness – Common Sense, De La Soul
6. Skinz – Pete Rock, C.L. Smooth, Grand Puba
7. Sh. Fe. MC’s – De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest
8. Mic Checka [Remix] – Das EFX
9. Brooklyn Zoo – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
10. Shimmy, Shimmy Ya – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
11. Microphone Fiend [Album Version] – Eric B., Rakim
12. Get on Down – Unreleased Project, Kenny Dope
13. Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down – Brand Nubian
14. Fakin’ the Funk – Main Source
15. A Chorus Line 2000 [Remix] – Ultramagnetic MC’s
16. Peace Is Not the Word to Play – Main Source
17. Set It Off – Big Daddy Kane

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  1. white silk says:

    Nice – I heard this in a record shop not too long ago and considered picking it up. After listening to this again, I may just have to go back and get a copy….


  2. Belize says:

    Popped by to say “”Keep doin ur thing homie”"


  3. glasses says:

    great mix, nice to see it get some press on here. the whole series is worth checking out! rza, jazzanova, masters at work.

    the david rodigan mix is crazy good as well!

  4. Kevin says:


    Really dope selections here. I realize that this is a little off topic, but I noticed that you have “And It Don’t Stop” on your list of blog links. I used to be able to access this site but it is now accessible by invite-only. If you have any idea how I can get an invite to the site again, it would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment for me at

    Thanks, Kevin

  5. Alex G says:

    hi there.

    stumbled on here whilst searching for mr thing.

    Can’t believe ive never heard of this cd, mr thing…and DJ PREMIER?? and dj premier doing a breaks mix!!!!!!???? i can’t believe i missed out on this one.

    Any chance of a re-up?? if you can as soon as possible???

    Thanks from London

    Alex G

  6. Alex G says:

    wow, thanx for the reply jopparelli.

    I really want a 320kbps rip of this though…

    Please re-up this if you can. Pretty please??

    Thanks again.

    Alex G

  7. heavycrate says:

    thank u so very fuckin much…someone stole this out my record bag in miami. punk mothafucka….thanks for brightening up my day. Check out my blog as well, when u both get a chance