DJ Chuck Chillout – Kiss FM 08.29.86

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-20-2007

It’s time to give you another mad old school radio mix.
This time Chuck Chillout is in control and the year is 1986.

Chuck Chillout has been one of the most important pioneers in rap history. He was part of the group The B-Boys withDonald D and Brother B, a Bronx-based group that released the oft-sampled “Rock the House” on Vintertainment in 1983.

Together with Kool Chip he put out an album in 1989 called “The Masters of Rhythm”. Check the video…

Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout – Rhythm Is The Master

He also worked with Run DMC, Public Enemy and is the man behind Who got the props? Yes, I am talking about Black Moon!!!


If discover Black Moon is not enough for you, here another story about Chuck:

At 19, Funkmaster Flex was carrying legendary KISS-FM DJ Chuck Chillout’s crates. One day Chuck was late to work and the program director let Flex spin for 5 minutes, 5 minutes turned into three hours. Flex followed Chuck to WBLS as a full-fledged radio DJ for a year and a half.

Ok, I think you got it now. Having Flex carry your crates it’s not ordinary!



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10 Responses to “DJ Chuck Chillout – Kiss FM 08.29.86”

  1. mp45 says:

    great stuff marty…i cant stop listening to all the radio shows you put on that dvd, especially the stretch armstrong ones,soooo good!!!!!!! ….i want joppa to digitalize the chubby chubb mixtape…that was the best stuff ever!(and i cant listen to it…since my tape deck is broken!)

  2. Ozzino says:

    i definetely agree with you mp45, chubby chubb “Street Madness” is stunning.
    i digitalized it something like 6 months ago, but actually my TapeToMp3 system is rough.
    Joppa…it’s up to you!

  3. joppa says:

    la registrazione di ozzino si sente male. appena riesco registro la cassetta originale di mp…..

  4. DJBite says:

    Thanx, thanx, thanx And 3 times is not as much as I do mean to thank you for putting up 80′s NYC radio shows! Please continue doing so, because I finally have the posibility to listen to those 20 plus years later. :)

  5. I see you took my link away, i just started posting again….let me know if you still want your link up there.

  6. Marty says:

    I did not take it away, check on the Top Blogs section. Your blog is the first :)

  7. William Jordan says:

    great blog look forward to reading more ofter

  8. kzar gunn on facebook says:

    holla at me kid

  9. Dawn says:

    Just wanted to say how much fun we had on Sat at Roseland…we danced our *%#@’s off and we look forward to the next big bash thank you for always puttin’ it down, peace.

  10. carmel says:

    10.14.2011 chuck chill out you did your thing tonight!Thank you you took us orginal new yorker’s back on a wonderful voyage back in time playing the old scholl N.Y. hip hop (sugar hill gang,llcool jay, run dc, etc) for a few minutes i though i was listening to the old mr.magic saturday night blast off.

    thank you again and may god contuine to bless you.

    Ms. Carmel

    ms. carmel