DJ Cash Money – Old School Need To Learn’O Plot #1

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-17-2013

(REPOST 2013: this post is originally from Dec 12, 2006 but classic is classic! Thanx to soundcloud, here’s a fresh streaming)

Tonight i want to talk about a dj who was included into the DMC technics Hall of Fame with the title of “The world’s greatest Dj” (he won the DMC in the 1988). Basically i could even stop here my review as this thing speaks for itself.

I saw Cash last year at the Savoy club in Cork city. He was impressive and prodigious. He gots skills like nobody else in scratching and cutting live. He was so clean that i could barely believe myself. I was like, nah this is a studio mixtape and is just kidding us.

Cash Money @ Scratchcon 2000

The selection was nothing special. I mean classic shit but i am sure Pete Rock or Finesse can do a better selection. But damn it! What a magic touch and what a craftiness!!!

So as usual, let the music speak .Check this great dj gifted by god.