Dipset + Just Blaze + Major Harris : ‘I Really Mean It’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-24-2008

I’m going to  Portugal for a couple weeks, want to leave you with some good-old-days-break-oriented post, like we used to do.
I know just reading the name ‘Dipset’ on this blog will make some head surprised, but that’s the way we like it here at M&J: there’s no playahating here, we’re not judging artist for their worst, but for their best works. This is a club banger, period. If you ever been in a (good) hip hop club around 2003-2004, this record had the people going nuts, everybody leaving their drink on the table to get on the dance floor.
Is there something more you need from a club banger?

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO ‘I Really mean it’

Just blaze sampled Major Harris (not the quarterback) ‘I got over love’, a great song itself. Major harris represented the Philly Soul style, being also part of legendary Philly’s Delfonics crew.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO ‘I got over love’

there’s no questioning Blazini’s ability in both sampling and programming drums ‘his way’. (did you knew he’s also a battle dj?)

those were his best years if you ask me, and the same can be said about Diplomats. I miss those years, I am Cam’ron fan since Biggie introduced him to Lance Rivera. And he’s an underrated A&R too, yeah I said it.

Here’s one dope Source Awards performance (including ‘I really mean it’).  I remember watching this live, really powerful. (really lo-fi)



9 Responses to “Dipset + Just Blaze + Major Harris : ‘I Really Mean It’”

  1. The song is not bad, but these guys have totally no voice whe performing live….. except maybe for cam’ron.

    What’s the point of acting like a rap superstar if you have no voice?

    Mr. Anthony B can give those guys some lessons about voice and presence on stage…watch


  2. djmp45 says:

    club banger?the last time i went to a “hip hop” club, the dj (mr.thing) was “banging” main source “fakin the funk”! :)
    mago:download children of corn unrleased album, it’s worth a listen!

  3. This 2 are even worst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QDOSTPHLlc

    About Main Source in a club….no thanks!

  4. djmp45 says:

    About Main Source in a club….no thanks!
    no thanks in a club or in general?what they should play then?

  5. …in a club!

    Stuff like: Born to roll, Nuthin but a G thang, Back that ass up….just to give u an idea

  6. djmp45 says:

    ok i’ve got it now!

  7. ilmago says:

    Yeah that children of the corn unreleased is dope, already got it…

  8. IlMago says:

    @ Joppa
    you are right, they are definitely ‘studio’ rappers.
    But there’s a worst thing than acting like a rap superstar and performing bad live: claiming to be a great lyricist and performing bad live.
    At least they don’t do that… but the list is countless…

  9. djmp45 says:

    they should go to the krs1 school of performing live!