Diggin in the crates of a Digger

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-17-2007


i’ve found this artist by accident, then discovering that he’s really underrated even in jazz world.
Since Kenny is the least “showy” of trumpet players, my hunch is that this Dorham-led date will not impress the uniniated overly much and that it should probably be purchased after one of his later studio sessions or his dates with Art Blakey (“Live at the Cafe Bohemia”) or Horace Silver (“The Jazz Messengers”). Once you’ve acquired a taste for the Dorham sound–which, incidentally, can be addictive–the pleasures of the present session will be all the more apparent

What about Madlib…spendind just a word would result redundant.
Watch carefully this shot by the Madvillian…you can actually get the tip as well as i did.

Oppress your subwoofer, crack on!


Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemian CD1CD2

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  1. …what did you eat this morning for breakfast, an Oxford vocabulary? he he ;-)

  2. Ozzino says:

    in fact this post has been written while sippin’ jingsen, smokin an english mixture of tobacco and reading “My African Journey” by Winston Churchill :)

  3. I had an e-mail from the University of Cambridge!

    They want to trade links with us in order to let their pupils study your post.

  4. wpbbq says:

    The tracklistings I’ve found around don’t match the track1, track2, etc. For instance, the first track sounds like Autumn in New York. The second track is announced as Monaco.

    Any chance you could post the tracks as shown on your release?

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ozzino says:

    no prob wpbbq…i’ll fix it by the end of the day

  6. Ozzino says:

    tracks re-blended.
    just a little issue, K.D.’s Live session is missing…i’ll seek for it again