Broken Language before “Broken Language”

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. May-05-2015

Today i was listening to this majestic, big hit from the late 90s: Broken Language by Smoothe The Hustla & Trigga The Gambla, and i found a connection with another rap group i love, Digital Underground (seen? once in a while, not the classic “hear my mixtape” type of post you’re kind of used to here lately).

By the way, the duo’s “proper rapper names” are fantastic. Anyway, i was listening to THIS:

Remember it? Man that tune was HARD, when it came out i was 20 and we all literally lost our mind to it. The album was nice as well, with that “Once upon A Time in America” intro … definitely dope.

Anyway, i was listening it and it came to my mind that when i was a little kid i bought this cassette:

There’s a tune in this album which i think originated “Broken Language”, or at least gave the starting inspiration to our man Damon Smith when he wrote it. Listen carefully from minute 2:00 onwards …

Digital Underground – Shake and Bake


“Smells like a freak to me
’cause I’m a hardcore triple X rater
Ho fader
Sick new position creator
The mayor
The double up bubble butt slayer(ah ha)
Rock fat brown pipe layer
The joker
The butt poker
The ass cheek checker
The throat choking tight cooch stretcher
The bust a nut double decker booty gettin heiffer
The kinky ho closet freak sphincter muscle wrecker
You say you want to blow me
Yo baby you really don’t know me
’cause like a DJ’s hand on the crossfader
The Humpty nose up in your booty shake-and-bakes like a vibrator”

Ya hear it? Great! Now you know how much i know about rap and how much of a piece of shit you are (just jokin lol, i just wanted to say it)

Peace and see you soon.