Boogie Down Productions / Yellowman

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-19-2006

As we all know, Hip hop was born in the Bronx. But its roots can also be tracked down to jamaica, where dancehall dj’s and singers used to rap over instrumental versions long before hip hop started. It is not a coincidence that Dj Kool herc, the inventor of hip-hop, was jamaican.

Sometimes hip hop goes back to its origins by sampling reggae beats (see also the bad boys post) , and for those who -like us- love both reggae and hip hop music, the combination is delightful!


In 1986, bronx-based hip hop band Boogie Down Productions sampled a jamaican riddim, known as The Disease riddim (don’t know yet what a riddim is? take a look here) , for ther massive hit “The P is free”, the B-side of their biggest hit “South Bronx”. Bronx artists decided to take it back to Jamaica. Sadly, DJ Scott La Rock was murdered 1 year later.


The Disease riddim was used by many artists, but Yellowman’s “Zunguzunguguzunguzeng” is one of the most powerful. It was released in 1983, sampled by BDP in 1986 and in 2006 -as all the tracks we post- it still rocks!! Yellowman is a reggae legend and he still tours. Don’t miss his show if he comes to your town, i can assure it’s a great one.

Enjoy YellowMan!

Enjoy BDP’s KRS-ONE and Scott La Rock: this is a rare remix-instrumental version of P is free from 1987! This one is crazy, it reminds me a sort of techno-proto-drum-n-bass music that alternative djs play in clubs.

Enjoy DJ Premier’s 1993 remix “The P is still Free” taken from “Menace 2 society” soundtrack! Listen how Premo re-works the same sample! This is Premier at his best, no doubt.

Enjoy this BDP medley: P is free + all BDP bangers!