Blue Eyes meets Bed Stuy: The Notorious BIG/Frank Sinatra mixtape

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-24-2007

9th march 2007 was Biggie‘s death 10th anniversary, and no tribute on our blog yet!
I must come up with something fast! This mixtape is crazy.
We’ve heard some pretty remarkable unauthorized pairings via blends, original production and mash-ups in the last few years on the mixtape scene, with Jay-Z and the Beatles leading the pack (Dj Danger Mouse’s Grey album’s experiment).


Now Big, who appears on more mixtapes every week than most living artists do, has been teamed up with the original king of New York, Frank Sinatra, by up-and-coming producers DJ Cappel and Smitty. They took Big’s a cappellas and matched them with original beats and voice sampled from Frank Sinatra records. Let’s face it, though: both Frank Sinatra and Frank White sound marvelous over anything.

Try this at home: take BIG’s Juicy acappella and play it while you rhythmically bang a teaspoon on a coke can. That sound great! Now wait a while before opening your coke or you will blot your Star Wars mousepad.
So for all of us BIG fans, if you sick and tired of listening to some BIG feat. Eminem feat. 50 Cent feat Shakira bullshit… Check out this Mixtape, a nice way both to refresh your BIG collection and enter the great Sinatra’s music.
Oh, and for all of you backpackers who don’t like BIG, don’t think you so smart, because BIG is probably your favourite mc’s favourite mc.
Bye Bye and Go Lakers!


ps: If you like this mixtape you should buy it, the artist deserve that trust me.

If you are a Biggie Small fanatic here’s another present for you: a very rare and unreleased Biggie concert, live in London in what must have been about 1995! This is the entire live concert, not easy to find on the web:


42 Responses to “Blue Eyes meets Bed Stuy: The Notorious BIG/Frank Sinatra mixtape”

  1. Marty says:

    I don’t usually like this kind of mixes. Weird stuff! But i have to admit this is nice.

    Favourite one so far (after one quick listen): Everyday struggle/A day in the life of a fool

  2. Antonio says:

    R.I.P. Biggie. Good job guys.

  3. new big fan says:

    holy shit .mad propz .this is a awsome mix
    got to share this mix

  4. sixfive says:

    great mix, especially everyday struggle, dead wrong and victory.

  5. ilmago says:

    Yep.. I also was skeptical… But the underground mixtape scene has sometimes good hidden surprises. These artists did a hard work and deserve sure more attention than most underground-but-mainstream DJs as Clue, Green Lantern or K slay, who recently seem to put out one mixtape each week, but those are only collection of singles, and they lack definitely in quality and application!

  6. Antonio says:

    Green Lantern is a bit different, though. He has stuff produced by himself and exclusive remixes. Also, he does not shout so much on the tracks!

    My favourite now is Mick Boogie. Look for his website, he has some free mixtapes on it…

  7. ilmago says:

    yep I agree… I suggested the mick boogie and little brother in the little brother post… if green lantern would put out one mixtape each couple of months instead of each week… those would probably be great tapes!

  8. asdfaa says:

    ilmago why don’t you put out a tape every two months and try to feed your seeds you fucking hater.

  9. joppa says:

    asdfaa, if you want to give a contribution to the discussion, you’re welcome.

    There is no hatin’ here, each one is free to tell what he likes and what he doesn’t like. This is confrontin each other opinions on music.

    If you insult people for nothing, you are the hater.

  10. Belize says:

    Ohhh shyt, iv been tryin to cop this for a hot minute…gracias!

  11. ilmago says:

    other even more rare biggie material will be posted… stay tuned!

  12. Marty says:

    Yeah ilmago, but only every two months, remember that :)

  13. ilmago says:

    But how can I feed my seeds?

  14. Ohhh shit……I am going to have to fuck with this when I get home……Peace Marty Mar

  15. phil says:

    sick wit it

  16. david says:

    Sure I would buy it. Where is it available ?

  17. Tom says:

    COOL ! Great remix.!!

  18. San7a says:

    i like this… a lot.

    keep it classy.

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  20. F. White says:

    Awesome – like the one before me, I normaly don’t like these kind of mixes… bt this ones brilliant.
    F. White

  21. ilMago says:

    Ehy Frank, How you doin in Cuba? Is a greatest hits comin?

  22. StickyFicky says:

    This mixtape kicks ass, god damn it, Yeah.
    Need 2 buy this Shit.
    Keep it Alpha, Guys!!!

  23. ilMago says:

    Don’t worry man, we always keep it Alpha.


  24. I town love says:

    DJ cappel and Smitty are my boys. Love this mix tape. Check out DJ cappels tough soul mixs for more crazy spinning.

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  26. Gabriele says:

    02 Everyday Struggle – A Day In The.mp3 IS THE BEST ONE! I LOVE IT!
    Thank you for the link! ;-)

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    • chad says:

      I know I am not a fan of biggie, but why did those guys mix biggie over frank sinatra
      is there another way those guys could remake the clean with some michael jackson
      he’s better then biggie
      i like sinatra myself he’s cool! my favorite song is new york new york and fly me to the moon

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  33. AR says:

    Truly- this is the first mixtape I’ve ever heard that I thought might actually be better than the original songs…. Honestly it doesn’t get much better than this. Thanks!

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  35. Yes, I agree with the post…keep the comments coming…

  36. Don Pavani says:

    Great album, man! It’s been long time since I no longer listen to Sinatra and BIG. I found this accidently on internet and I can’t stop listening to it anymore!!! Specically the Dead Wrong song! Good way to welcome back these great guys to my music sellection!

  37. Ramjet360 says:

    I would like to purchase this album for my iphone. Is there anyway that this album can be sent to itunes so i can purchase it. This is one of the best duets ever. Some get at me please. I need this album for when i work out and travel. As well as it’s good wake up music.

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  39. Isaac says:

    Great, great mix. I’m a big, BIG fan and of Sinatra so when I heard of this album I got exited right away. Great stuff, they should keep doing this, maybe make a part two, with some of the songs being: I love the dough, Sky’s the limit, ready to die, things done changed etc.