Blahzay Blahzay ‘Danger’/ Gwen McCrae ‘Rockin’ Chair’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-08-2007

In ’96 (and for the whole 90s decade as well!) everything came out was gold. Among all how can i forget Blahzay Blahzay!
Dj/Producer PF Cuttin’ and rapper Outloud worked behind the scenes for about 10 years producing tracks for notorious artists such as Masta Ace and Craig G. One day they decided to give us a sample of their skills: great bassline, scratches, rhymes and aggressive beats impressed me at once.
Album was anticipated in ’95 by hit song “Danger” featuring the famous vocal sample from 3 classic tunes:

- Jeru “Come Clean” : when the east is in the house

- Beastie Boys feat. Q-Tip “Get it Together” : oh my god

- Old Dirty Bastard (+Big Daddy Kane +others) “Show & Prove” : danger

Just one year, one album, one shot and that’s it…bye bye, it has been a pleasure caballeros!
It’s time to enjoy the video,”When the East is in the house/Oh my God Danger!”

Download the whole album, it’s better than listening to my “blah blah blah” :)


The sample used by Pf Cuttin for this joint is from ‘Rockin’ chair’ by the sweet R&B singer Gwen MCcrae , which reached # 1 R&B hit and the US Top 10 in 1975. She found first success on the R&B charts with “Lead Me On” in 1970, followed by “For Your Love”, both loving. Nowadays she is still really popular in UK Northern Soul scene.
For all those like me who are not so intimate with soul music, believe me..this track is catchy!

Rockin’ Chair

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  1. djmp45 says:

    the original vinyl of this sell for crazy quid around but there’s a reissue around…on this album there’s “90% of me is you” which was sampled by main source on “just hangin out”….worth have lp ….nice post form ozzino!

  2. ilmago says:

    oh yeah that LP is the most underrated thing since Michael Jordan being selected after Sam Bowie in the 1984 NBA draft.

  3. ozzino says:

    Thanks djmp45!
    or like Bargnani in last draft…not really the same thing on the square!

  4. Deez says:

    Since you like to come by so much…why don’t we affiliate… . Just let me know when you get our link up and I’ll pop yours in too. Don’t forget to stop by the forum for more music.

  5. mere says:

    the “oh my god” sample is not from a tribe called quest.
    it’s from get it together by the beastie boys ft q-tip.

    “the phone it ringin’ … oh my god”

  6. joppa says:

    you’re right, mere! that was my fault.

    I suggested ozzino that sample list but wrote it too quickly: “oh my god” sample is clearly not from the Oh My God track.

    The post text has now been updated.

    By visiting your site i see you are active in the hip hop biz, so big RESPECT from Marty & Joppa and thanx for visiting us!!

    If you wanna be in our friend sites list we’ll add you, no doubt.

  7. Mr. Melody says:

    Please, this link “Gwen MCcrae – Rockin’ Chair” failed or deleted.
    Please repost for me.

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