Bill Withers (Just The Two Of Us) / Smif-n-Wessun (Wrekonize rmx)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-23-2006

First Of all thanx to Marti and Joppa for letting me write here.

davoucci.jpgThere are hundreds of reason why we all love Smif-n-Wessun. Let me just point out some…

- Their street talk mixed with reggae influences is simply unique and many tried to bite that without success
- They put out an underground classic ‘Da Shinin’ which still sounds fresh and original
- They got all of us in Bergamo, Italy buying our first pair of Timberland boots back in the early 90′s
- Although their name and their lyrics are full of gangsta attitude, they never fell in the stereotype of the gangster, and you will never hear in their lyrics some “mafia” bullshit.
- They dropped this song, wich is in my opinion their best creation.

I love every second of this song, probably one of my all time favourite.
The bass line is one of the best I ever heard, and the lyrics are simply outstanding: each and every line you catch from Tek and Steele’s voice is a lesson.


The sample used by Beatminerz for this joint is from ‘Just the two of us’ by the late great Bill Withers, wich features on the original version nothing less than the legendary saxophonist Groover Washington Jr. (one of the founder, along with Bob James, of the so called ‘SMOOTH JAZZ’ genre).

It is crazy how you can have two song with the same melody and the same bass line, with so different contents. A sweet love song and a ghetto anthem. And even if separated by almost 20 years, both are masterpieces.


There is pretty nothing to say about Bill Withers, simply download (legally! :) ) everything by him if you love black music. If you never heard of him, you sure have heard his songs. Do you know ‘Ain’t no sunshine’? maybe the song performed by the largest number of different artists in music history… well, Bill Withers is the original author.


Check this Mix of the Smif-n-Wessun song with the original by Bill Withers I just made…..

Listen WreKoNize-IlMagormx

Enjoy the original Bill Withers & Grover Washington Jr. “Just The Two Of Us”

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  1. ozzino says:

    delightful mix

  2. ilmago says:

    thanx Ozzino, maybe a little too much ‘digital’!

  3. Marty says:

    you did a good job indeed!!!

  4. ilmago says:

    thanx Marty