Big Noyd ‘Usual Suspects’ – Episode of a Hustla / Isaac Hayes ‘Ike’s Rap III’ – Black Moses

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-10-2007

Queensbridge stands for rappers as Brasil for soccer players or Italy for mafiosi ;) .
Not the very lot of them can be Padrino, but you can be a great Capomandamento although .


It was during a show with Mobb Deep, that an A&R person from Tommy Boy Records realised Big Noyd’s potential. That was his first break.
The rapper noyd is clearly less “in the know” than others,less qualified too, but he was able to make his own scene after spreading his sentences in Mobb Deep first albums.
First time i listened to him was a tape with some Terno al Lotto registrations, plus “Juvenile Hell” from Mobb hype as odd mixtape.

I liked his flow at once, he continuosly hangs the mic chainin’ rhymes based ponderously on the QB dunn language. Just adding Havoc as producer then you got the puzzle built up, because you know better than me, it’s like a warranty are often hard hitting and direct, melodies are evocative.

“Usual Suspects” includes a sample from “Ike’s Rap III Your Love Is So Doggone Good” by all-accomplished Isaac Hayes.

Ok you’re good to go, listen “Episodes of a Hustla


We’re here again talkin’ about a Stax artist, Mr Hayes this time.
He is best known for ‘Shaft’ theme, but this is a shame cause this man put it down and made his mark several times after that.
Hip hop, R&B and dance artists have looted arrangements from this album endlessly over the decades and its not hard to understand why. From start to finish Ike is inspired in a major way and the dark grooves and tones of the melodies never let up.

You might be not nuts about soul, but this collection deserves a place in your soul section indeed!
Listen “Black Moses (1971)” CD1CD2

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  1. Antonio says:

    I liked that Noyd album. The production is tight.
    Queensbridge is a good place, but there are also a lot of shit rappers from the Bridge, mind you…

  2. ilmago says:

    why scientology Isaac… why?

    Big up Ozzino

  3. benign says:

    yo wassup buddy.. had a good weekend? i got Dr.Dre’s latest album: DETOX on my blog..

  4. ozzino says:

    we can’t say he is an ordinary man..
    scientology, south park and a odd chain suit.

  5. djmp45 says:

    i still got this cd..noyd was alright…i remember stretch armstrong blending it with cnn’s “stick u”…qb at his finest….and the recognize and realize remix was the tune back then…anyway,
    anyone can you put tapes on mp3?i still got lots of tapes(some of them being amazing) and i can’t put them on a cd or mp3 because the tape player is slow and it sounds like a screwed up version…please let me know

  6. Marty says:

    You better ask joppa for this kind of technical stuff

  7. joppa says:

    lo faccio io, tranquillo. quando passi in italia vediamo.

    non sarebbe pero’ una cattiva idea lanciare il genere 90′s rap screwed up…..

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