Ann Peebles – I can’t stand the rain / Missy Elliot – The rain (Supa dupa fly)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-22-2007

If Al Green was the king of’70 Southern Soul, Ann Peebles was his queen. They both grew up in a religious environment. For Al Green that was an obstacle as his parents did not want him to play outrageous music. On the other side Ann was really lucky as her father, a director of a famous church chorus founded by the grandfather, introduced her in some Clubs in the native East St. Louis. 

In one of this clubs she was noticed by a local celebrity, the blues man Oliver Sain (check here). Ann joined his group and one night in Memphis she impressed with her songs and singing Willie Mitchell of the legendary HI Records. After few weeks she was already recording in studio but she has had to wait one more year for gain success.  

With her great vocal range and her solid gospel and blues background she brought great intensity in all her performances. She even built up a respectable reputation as a versatile author, together with Don Bryant, her life-long love.  

Not all her albums are great. The Willie “Chez” Mitchell’s arrangements definitely works better with All Green than with Ann Peebles. That’s put Al Green one step forward for me. I suggest you to get How strong is a woman, her best greatest hits in my opinion.  

I can’t stand the rain is an epic and at the same time minimalist Soul symphony. This song was called the greatest song ever by John Lennon. How many of you would love to have John Lennon say the same thing about one of your productions? It’s a rhetoric question of course.  


After 25 years Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot has obtained a planetary success sampling the so-called greatest song ever. It was easy Missy, wasn’t it? The song was of course produced by Timbaland. (More timbo productions here and here)


And check this video, AMAZING

and what about this live……….

Ann Peebles – I'm gonna tear your playhouse down live 1989

4 Responses to “Ann Peebles – I can’t stand the rain / Missy Elliot – The rain (Supa dupa fly)”

  1. Ozzino says:

    Ann Peebles has one of the sweetest voices i have ever heard

  2. cedric says:

    john lennon was right….and listen to the other track of Ann Peebles
    “come to mama” is a real self cover of “i can’t stand the rain”, with the same introduction….it’s really strange but good !

  3. Marty says:

    I will Cedric, thanks to stop by, I always visit your blog even if i don’t understand a word in french :)

  4. KenyaSpeaks says:

    I love “I can’t stand the rain” by Ann Peebles. She is from St. Louis, Missouri and I know relatives of her. To see her today, you would see that she is still just as young and beautiful.