Al Green ‘I Wish You Were Here’ / Nas ‘Shootouts’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-17-2007

I had to add up R’nB among music genres embraced by Martini&Jopparelli. When you say R’nB you mean the Reverend Al Green, then you mean love.


The ecstatic good will with which Green’s voice overflowed couldn’t be neatly categorized; it contained the sacred, the erotic, and the just plain old friendly. Similarly smooth and rough vocal tones were, for him, equally valuable devices with which to seduce the listener, and his fluid technique was matched by Hi Records producer Willie Mitchell. Sheathing raw soul within velveteen strings, the Hi sound didn’t so much combine elements of Stax gutbucket and Philly International suavity as meld the styles whole.
Al Green has one of the most soulful voices of all time and his talent for interpreting other artist’s songs and making them his own is simply stunning


I had to make a huge effort to get this album complete, but listening it now is definetely paying me off.
Why should you get this fully?
Simple, cause he has a killer voice, full of grit, sweetness, and sacredness, he is smooth the way he sang love songs.


Ok, “It Was Written” cannot reach the almighty “Illmatic”, but this is an outstanding album as well..i got no doubt about that. this is a journey into the mind of one of the most prolific lyricists hip hop has ever known, “The next Coming Of Rakim”.
If i recall the first day i listened to it, i cannot say anything but bearing out that those were golden years. QB at its finest, you got the original Firm ensemble, Nas, AZ, Foxy and Cormega… rhyming skills raise to the top.
Dope production (Poke & Tone) and dope lyrics…almost 4 mics to me.


One Love

Listen to “Is Love
Listen to “It Was Written

6 Responses to “Al Green ‘I Wish You Were Here’ / Nas ‘Shootouts’”

  1. Jon says:

    Love the Al Green story

    is a great station that plays a lot of Al & Memphis Music!

  2. Marty says:

    Hi Jon

    i will check this radio for sure.


  3. mp45 says:

    i havent listen to this nas album for ages…not sure about the poke & tone production…too polished for my taste and too many pop samples(you can credit poke & tone for starting the polished sound later found on bad boy releases)…i was so glad when this came out..but then i got a little bit disappointed…still have his good moments….

  4. Antonio says:

    I think that in It Was Written you could see both the good and the bad side of Nas.
    Meaning: good side= top lyricism, tight flow and so on, bad side= tendency to get a bit too “pop-ish” for my taste.
    Some of the beats (most of them, actually) on the album bang, but it was obvious that Nas does not have very good ears for beats (as evidenced by his later albums).
    Incidentally, Shootouts is a very good beat…
    To me, It Was Written remains a very underrated album. 4 mics indeed.

  5. Richie says:

    I have always been a big fan of Al Green. This is a really good album.

  6. Ashley says:

    I love Al Green’s style of music it’s so timeless.