A Gift For All You 36 Chambers Fanatics

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-30-2006


Once again, some music to remember your good old days.

This time i give you a special one: Wu-Tang live with El Michels Affair as backing band, recorded from XM radio. Most of the original members are present (except of course O.D.B. , r.i.p.) and they play all their classic stuff.

This is dedicated to all those -like us- who listened the 36 Chambers tape over and over, back in 1994 when it came out (can you remember? we used to walk around with no cds or i-pod at the time, only tapes…) .

I was a little bit skeptical the first time i played it, because live rap shows are always frustrating if compared to cds quality: you find your favourite rapper having almost no voice, rappin over the vocal track and bullshit like that. But, after a few minutes i was convinced: this is a great live performance. The clan members spread out all of their energy.


It’s a good way to pick up again an album you probably don’t put in your cd-player from a long time. Live instrumentals played by the El Michaels Affair (don’t miss the other post about’em by djmp45) add a deep, solemn soul feeling and you sudden will find yourself with your eyes closed, reminiscin’ the good old days!


Wu-Tang Clan Feat. El Michels Affair – Live At XM Radio 2006 by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

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  1. djmp45 says:

    that’s what i was talking about!anyway it seems that the roots setted a trend playing with live musician…or that producers aren’t able to achieve the 90′s sound anymore so they rely on bands…i saw the pharcyde playing last week…just two of them witha keyboard player, a drummer and a dj…40 minutes(should have been 90…) terrible show…the best part when they left and the musicians played along the dj a 10 minutes improvisation session…funky indeed!

  2. Marty says:

    At least this time you did not sleep.
    Remember in Losanna?

  3. joppa says:

    Losanna….. “very bitches”!!

  4. djmp45 says:

    that’s the only reason i went to see them…because i remember you telling me “the best concert i ever seen…”…i remember marco crossing feet while driving after a week of driving licence…very marco indeed!…

  5. Mr G. says:

    Can’t remember if that was Losanna, but I do remember an Y10 without brakes on the top of swiss mountains.. That was insane!

  6. joppa says:

    Io di Losanna mi ricordo Gr. col lotto acceso in mano che dice “chiediamo informazioni al parcheggiatore” andando verso un tipo che sulla maglia aveva scritto “polizei” !!

  7. Mr G. says:

    Might be..
    Marty&Joppa, I’ll send you by email a vintage Wu-Tang freestyle session, A.D. 1993, getting into the 36 chambers!
    dedicated to your back in the days wanderingz..

  8. nosferat says:

    why doesn’t the link work for me? what am i doing wrong? where it says download file it will not let me click. guess it’s my computer or something.

  9. joppa says:

    Try with another browser. I’m using firefox and it works…..

  10. [...] in Paris many years ago (that’s when I discovered breaks albums…crazy), and the solemn El Michaels Affair banger “Glaciers Of Ice” to close the mix. Hope you enjoy it as I did making it. [...]

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  12. massimiliano mameli aka maxiemillion says:

    “Competion get blown!”

  13. massimiliano mameli aka maxiemillion says:

    “Competition get blown!”