Wild Style

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-16-2006


If you think that hip hop is all about the benjamins , jewels , Lexus and Rolex , than you should watch this movie out. This movie is about the early eighteen scene , just before the whole movement blew up like nitro. It was made by Charlie Ahearn , an independent filmmaker and Fab 5 Freddy a legendary hip hop pioneer. I do not want to get in to the plot because the plot is just a pretext to give a picture of a truly hip hop when it was genuine , amusing , and fresh. In this movie you can find all the most stylish and influential protagonist of the birth of Rap , graffiti and break-dance. They act themselves on the background of the Bronx squalor,  bringing a new way of expression for their generation. Wild Style is a worth checking out. Do not concentrate on the acting and on the script but pay attention on the social change that this movie captures.