10 Most underrated rap albums of the 90′s (Joppa)

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-14-2006


  1. Camp Lo “Uptown Saturday Night”
  2. CRU “Da Dirty 30″
  3. Smif n’ Wessun “Dah Shinin”
  4. Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Conspiracy”
  5. Diamond “Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop”
  6. Main Source “Breakin’ Atoms”
  7. Masta Ace “Take A Look Around”
  8. Jeru The Damaja “The Sun Rises In The East”
  9. Puffy & Friends “No Way Out”
  10. Da Lox “Money, Power & Respect”

main_source.jpg…another one: Smoothe Da Hustler’s “Once Upon A Time In America”

These albums were uderrated in the 90′s when they came out (they didn’t get 5 mics in the source)… so right now in 2006 i’m gonna give them my personal “5 mics” credit!


(OK, puffy’s album maybe was a little too much MTV-oriented but it featured one of the most impressive all-star rappers and producers team of all times!)

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  1. Antonio says:

    No, dai, Diddy no! Degli anni novanta, suggerirei
    Tha Mexakinz – Tha Mexakinz
    Xzibit – At the Speed of Life
    Capone ‘n’ Noreaga – The War Report
    ed uno dei dischi piu’ sottovalutati degli anni ’90, ovvero
    Killah Priest – Heavy Mental
    P.S.: se vi capita, date uno sguardo al mio blog…

  2. joppa says:

    ..War Report d’accordissimo
    Gli altri non li conosco, me li ascoltero’…..grazie x la segnalaz.

    Pero’ su puffy insisto: se fosse uscito sotto nome B.I.G. & Friends ora sarebbe considerato un classico. E’ lo stesso sound (commericiale se si vuole) degli album di Biggie, è il Bad Boy Sound. Puo’ piacere o no. Pero’ se non vi piace poi non venite a dirmi che vi piace Life After Death di Biggie eh!

  3. Antonio says:

    Su questo hai ragione perfettamente.
    Quel suono li’, il Bad Boy Sound, pero’, a me personalmente non piace. Troppo gonfiato e pomposo…
    Insisto su Killah Proest, uno dei migliori dischi targati Wu-Tang!


  4. DJGiulio says:

    UGK “Too Hard to Swallow” (1992)
    COMMON “Resurrection” (1994)

  5. ozzino says:

    Blazay Blahzay “Blah Blah Blah” (1996)

  6. uptown saturday is actually in my top 5 albums of all time. i used to listen to that, tribes midnight marauders and beastie boys pauls boutique over and over and over again…

  7. Jaz says:

    I don’t think Diamond D or Main Source were underrated real heads know the deal about those classics, the Junior M.A.F.I.A album was pretty average and none of them had what Biggie did, now way to the Puffy and Lox albums…good call about the Camp Lo album that was great.

  8. robman says:

    UMCs – Fruits of Nature
    …completely underrated!

  9. plejboy says:

    poor righteous teachers – knowledge of self (96)
    common – can i borrow a dollar (ok, maybe not what i would call underrated.)
    juggaknots – juggaknots (96? 97)

    breaking atoms? peace

  10. Gangsta Dresta says:

    Real Brothas, BG Knocc Out & Dresta. 1995 back in tha day. Wish rappers these days knew how to flow like them.

  11. Sarcastro says:

    I’d remove the LOX and puffy albums. (Puffy and underrated are two words that should never be in the same sentence, except for this one.)
    My replacements would be:

    A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Black Sheep
    Nocturnal, Heltah Skeltah

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  13. Mickey Factz says:

    I tried grabbing the RSS Feed for your article but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any ideas?