Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-24-2009

Once again we let the others work for us! (yeah, you can call us lazy bastard if you want). That’s mean another guest mix. This time we really feel our guests as they are some really musically educated guys from Italy (like us). Yes, to be more precise they are from Florence. We dig their mixes a lot so we decided to ask them to do something special for M&J. Here in Italy is god damn hot in this season so what’s better than some positive vibration? Nothing!

Hi Marty & Joppa, as avid followers of your blog, for us is really a pleasure appear here as guest, bringin’ our little musical contribution. This mix is a selection of classics and more obscure Reggae 7″, mostly from the 70′s (as you can hear by the sound quality). We really hope this different kind of selection will be appreciated from you and all your blog visitors from all over the world.

…a few things about us…

Duccio & Pupa-Tee, formerly known as “Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi“, started loving and collecting vinyl way back in the early 90′s as really youngsters. Since then we got into Hip Hop, Reggae and Black music in general, starting play after a couple of years as dj into a local crew well knowed at those time. Once the crew broke up, we decided to keep workin’ on our passion in Reggae with a project called “Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi”, playing through the years with many sounds all around Italy in all the most important venue.

The project “Ragnampiza” born as desire to share and spread our love for music in all different genres, involving of course our friends and all the people that we estimate in this business. Ragnampiza includes even the two members of the group “Ether”: Biga & Bubu, active as Electronic music producers and djs too. In those next months this blog project will become also a weekly radio show…so you’ll get news about it very soon!

What else to say…good listening & ((airhorn)).

Duccio & Tommy – Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi

Skool Bwoy Sound (Ragnampiza Radio Show) – Exclusive Mix For M&J by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud


Listen to the mix: Ragnampiza x Marty & Joppa

4 Responses to “Duccio & Tommy aka Skoolbwoy Hi-Fi”

  1. Niccz says:

    Alright, this mixtape is a TRUE kick-a** mixtape! Indeed…

  2. Maru says:


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