A Sun Ra Tribute by Rchecka!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Nov-16-2009

sun ra backA couple of weeks ago i found this mix on the  Diggers With Gratitude forum, done by RCHECKA. I’m no expert on SUN RA but i think this could be a great introduction to his work. This is what  RCHECKA kindly wrote about this mix:

All of the interludes are from various Sun Ra DVDs.  I included them really more for educational purposes, I wanted yall to hear his voice, hear his strange philosophies, hear from his band members, and I wanted you to get an idea of the man behind the music. He is SUCH and interesting person, I could have gone on and on with even more audio snippets, but I wanted to keep the music the main theme obviously.


I thought that 2 CDs were necessary because his songs are so long.

I realize that this type of music is a “culture shock” type of mix, I expect many to “not like” some of the more dissident crazy jazz songs, but at the same time, I couldn’t leave that darker side of his work out of this compilation justifiably.  Actually, each track I chose for that compilation is (IMO) the easiest to listen to most palatable jazz track of each individual album I used. I chose the LEAST loud, LEAST crazy, LEAST dark songs, so if you can imagine, his work is even more dissident then that as a whole!  Every track came from a different album, so its a good taste of a variety of his more laid back work.

sun raI hope everyone enjoys it too for what it is worth, I realize its not a “Mixtape” per say, it is what it is, a  tribute to an amazing man whose music touched my heart.


Disc 1

1. (intro) meaning of the sun ra – adventures of bugs hunter
2. they’ll come back
3. (interlude) a joyful noise
4. a strange celestial road
5. that’s how I feel
6. (interlude) a call from ra
7. disco 3000 side a (third planet – friendly galaxy – dance of the cosmo aliens)
8. (interlude) not a man
9. on jupitor
10. (interlude) a word from john gilmore
11. twigs at twilight
12. (interlude) jazz is the triumph
13. spontaneous simplicity
14. (outro) jazz is dead

Disc 2

1. (intro) the clarification of death
2. pyramids
3. cogitation
4. (interlude) the myth
5. india
6. romance on a satalite
7. sleeping beauty
8. (interlude) humor
9. batman and robin theme
10. (interlude) music represents
11. the star gazers – shadow worlds
12. (outro) history

Mad props to Rchecka for this!

Rchecka – look directly at the sun part 1 (sun ra mix) by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

Rchecka – look directly at the sun part 2 (sun ra mix) by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

13 Responses to “A Sun Ra Tribute by Rchecka!”

  1. This 2 mixes are out of the hook!

    Big up Rchecka.

  2. rchecka says:

    I am honored that you posted these mixes here at music-selections.com, hope yall enjoy this music. Thanks Marty McFly!


  3. Very well done indeed. I’m sure these mixes will catch the attention they deserve. You created a great atmosphere out of his music.

    thanx again


  4. reiser says:

    My thanks to you; I’ve always wanted to give Sun Ra a try but I was too scared of the vastity of his catalogue, and since I don’t believe in greatest hits made by record labels this one’s a blessing
    Again, thanks a lot


  5. Beat Maker says:

    Thanks for the track list!

  6. tai73 says:

    Thank You so much for these excellent Sun Ra mixes.
    …very good!!

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  8. polka says:

    needs a re-up!

  9. Did a re-up with a direct link.

    Enjoy everybody!

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