When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie…

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-03-2010

Let me be trashy for one time!

Did you enjoy “Chi mi aiuterà” by The Supremes? An american group singing an Italian song…wired, isn’t it?

Now, Jopparelli wants Sade singing in Italian her new album, I would like that too, it would be interesting for sure (or maybe not…who knows?), but in the meantime let’s see how this covers were common in the sixties.

We have a music festival here in Italy called Festival di Sanremo. This festival is garbage. Back in the days was a little bit different though…I mean, was kind of acceptable at least. See this video selections…

Louis Armstrong – Mi va di cantare (1968)


Gene Pitney – Quando vedrai la mia ragazza (1964)


Stevie Wonder – Se tu ragazzo mio (1969)


Shirley Bassey – La vita (1968)

Shirley BASSEY- "La vita" Live

Dionne Warwick – La voce del silenzio (1968)


Dusty Springfield  – Di fronte all’amore (1965)

Dusty Springfield – Di fronte all'amore

If this is not enough for you, grab this lp with some of the best Motown artists singing in italian: Nero Italiano

5 Responses to “When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie…”

  1. Duccio says:

    i’m in love with this kind of shit =)

    i digg for that…i collect that….italian beat is full of big cover chune!!!

    have a list with also some funny things, if i found it i’ll send you =)

  2. Vai vai Duccio, passa la lista…

  3. ok ma basta fare gli esterofili, che Mina da due giri a Shirley Bassey, Dionne Warwick e Dusty Springfield messe assieme… ;)


  4. Antonio says:

    Nero Italiano? Voglio un rap di Balotelli.