What’s New For Fall?

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-02-2010

We are not posting very often in the last period here at M&J. That’s a fact! You know…summer is not the season you want spend in front of your laptop. Summer is rather a time for listening to some smooth music and chill outside with your favourite beer in your hand. Of course, I am stating the obvious and I know you are all thinking: is this the best you got for your come back?

Honestly, I got nothing better to tell you for now but believe me, next fall we will change a lot of things. We will move from the good old Martini & Jopparelli Musicselections, to the brand new engaging one. This is going to be our biggest shift ever! Stay tuned…

…In the meantime listen to DJ Daptunes playing some obscure music in his last podcast!

2 Responses to “What’s New For Fall?”

  1. Ozzino says:

    any anticipation?

  2. Dvais says:

    Good!!! salute from Chile

    follow me …