Weather Report – Live at Montreux 1976

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Mar-11-2008

Let’s keep it live and just move from Holland (Curtis Mayfield) to Switzerland!

This concert has been in heavy rotation in my car for the last month. Yeah, right, that’s the type of music I listen while I am driving during my workday. It makes my day easier :) you know I mean…


Now, before you listen to the concert, I want to catch your attention on this two interviews:

Jaco Pastorius ~ Bass Legend interviewed by Clive Williamson

Joe Zawinul: The Fusion Founder Finds the Weather Report Is Just Fine from Barnes & Noble

Listen Weather Report – Live at Montreux

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  1. mr x says:

    Hey, thanks for this one. been diggin’ WR all over again. In short the more I hear today’s music the more I think the 70s is where it is at, or at least was b/f commerce trumped creative expression.

    meanwhile… over at
    they are posting 5 live shows from the various years (6 if you include the re-up “Chateauvallon, France, August 24, 1973″) entitled “WEATHER REPORT – The ’70s Concerts Series”. From Miroslav to Jaco this collection KILLS! quite simply, a must have! each edition up for a week or two at best. do not snooze on this!

  2. Hey mr x, many thanks for the link.

    I will check this 5 live shows for sure.

  3. ionicboy says:

    already forwarded this to my father, this is going to make him happy!!
    and I’m also checking it for myself.
    ciao martiy!

  4. Ciao Johnny

    tutto bene?


  5. ionicboy says:

    sì Marty tutt’apposto grazie,
    qui a Mosca fa un caldo assurdo, ieri notte c’erano 17 gradi, abbiamo dormito con la finestra aperta!
    una domanda: sei riuscito a beccare altri concerti dei WR?
    mio padre ci ha preso gusto… e quei 5 concerti di cui si parlava sopra gli hanno fatto venire l’acquolina in bocca!
    nel caso mandami una mail.
    grazie mille,
    a presto
    ps aaaah, ti tocca pure votare! io a sto giro salto, causa lontananza il gioco non vale la candela…

  6. [...] Weather Report formed in 1971 and represented a step forward in Jazz Music. By combining R&B, Rock and World Music they created their own truly unique Fusion sound, a sound that is still fresh and inspiring more than 30 years later. And of course they have been widely sampled by hip hop producers also. [...]

  7. axisman says:

    Jaco Pastorius would be proud to hear the bass chops of jazz artist Alessandro Bottura. His latest record, “Morning Grooves” is a smooth fusion of rock, jazz, and pop instrumentals all rolled into one amazing sound. Bottura’s bass playing speaks for itself and is immediately evident right from the opening track, “Out of Sight.” His jazz fueled bass runs fly up and down the neck and are nicely driven by some outstanding guitar/drum work. Bottura changes gears a bit and slow things down on “Sweet Tears,” which also highlights his staccato playing skills. Any fan of Jaco Pastorius or of virtuoso bass playing will love this album, plus the band behind Bottura is just as exceptional as he.

    -Shaun H. and the Reviewer Team