Trevor Jackson a.k.a. Playgroup – Partymix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Sep-25-2013

(REPOST: this article is originally from september 5th 2007 -damn it’s already 6 years!- but, as we said before, why not reposting the classics for the new visitors to enjoy? Peep it)

We’ve been running this blog for about a year and i’ve not posted anything by Trevor Jackson yet. If you run a blog about funky music, house music, hip hop and electro you cannot leave Mr. Trevor Jackson out your selections.


Trevor Jackson started as a graphic designer, designing cd covers. He made sleeves for hip hop artists such as Eric B & Rakim and the Jungle Brothers. Then, he turned to production and became a mainstream remixer with the name of Underdog. Playgroup was his first solo project. Playgroup has released a nice album (nothing special in my opinion, i bought the CD but i’m thinkin about re-sellin it: anyone wants it? ;-) ), a beautiful electro mix for the K7 DJ Kicks series, a bunch of remixes for different artists, and the superb mix we’re talkin about here, called Partymix.

He is one of the creators of the new electro sound that is burning out the dancefloors worldwide. The word “electro” has seen a new life and commercial success in the latest years. In fact nowadays that word is over-used (and often abused) to describe music that has nothing to do with electro. In Partymix, he shows us where the real roots of that sound are.


Let’s make things clear: this mix is more than 200 classic disco-funk tunes (mostly from the late 70′s – first 80′s) all played in 60 minutes. Thus, it’ less than 20 seconds for each track. If you don’t like this kind of stuff, let me say i understand your reasons, because sometimes fast mixtapes like this might be too schizophrenic to listen to. But in this case i think it really flows well, resulting in a very enjoyable set. Most of the songs in this partymix were sampled in hip hop, especially old school. Playgroup learned very well the Steinski Lessons, understanding the true essence of the old school.

I think most of the positive energy that old school hip hop had was because of the dance music inprint. Back in the days, producers used to sample disco tracks, giving hip hop that party sound, that happy feeling that was lost later on. This is another reason why Partymix is an appropriate name in this case.

This mix makes also a fun trivia game: listen it with your friends and let’s see who gets more titles! (a game which is equivalent to: let’s see who is the biggest nerd ;-) )


Trevor Jackson a.k.a. Playgroup – Partymix by Martini & Jopparelli on Mixcloud

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  1. mp45 says:

    i love this’s what djing is about:melt different style this is proper electro stuff…not the rubbish stuff “trendy” djs play nowadays and they dont any of this stuff (i remember asking one dj in bergamo:”what do you play?” , he was like “electro of course” , so i was “you gonna play Hashim – Al-Naayfish” and he was like “who they are?”)
    if you want the tracklist look at this site:
    they did a really good job!

  2. @ dj mp45: i’m sorry but your link to your guest mix has expired… can you please re-up it and send me the link… thanks… mike