Tradition In Transition

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-14-2010

Since we are heavily dissing the Sète Worldwide Festival on Facebook, I am not going to do the same here…

Let me instead pay a small tribute to the best act of the festival which was, imho, Quantic and His Barbaro Combo! Yes, I found their concert very impressive. A bunch of unknown musician who did an amazing performance. I definitely like their album but believe me, they are much better live.

Congas, a grand piano, Malcolm Catto playing the drums, Nidia Gòngora, a marvelous Colombian woman with a fantastic voice dressed with traditional clothes, what do you want more? Hypnotic Cumbia and latin rhythms, big show! Don’t you dare to miss them if they come to your place!

Check this Quantic Mix here!

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