The Fantastic Two: Madlib & J Rocc

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-07-2010

I have seen Madlib and J Rocc twice! The first time in Rome two years ago, they were touring with the Brasilintime (with Tony Allen, Ivan Conti, DJ Nuts among others) and it was an awesome concert. The second time was last year in Milan but in this occasion they left me disappointed. I was really surprised, I didn’t expect such a poor show from them. In my humble opinion they tried to play too experimental (in a very predictable way). Anyway, this didn’t stop me to dig their mixes around the web. And thanks god, they still give me satisfaction so I definitely forgive them for the gig in Milan.

On the first mix Madlib and J Rocc take advantage of a Gilles Peterson vacation to Cuba to take control of his studio. (He was in Cuba for a good reason by the way, check this video). The result is a very enjoyable and very long (almost 2 hours) worldwide show. What kind of music did they play? They played a sort of…ehm…let’s say, you know…a miscellaneous of…i mean…mostly influenced by…fuck! They play everything. Get it here! Props to Francesco Dok.

The second mix is a very short (30 min) radio session by Madlib. Strictly from the Stone Throw web site, “Madlib on Radio Nova”, is a concentrate of cool beats and rare grooves. The bad kidz strikes again.

One Response to “The Fantastic Two: Madlib & J Rocc”

  1. Ozzino says:

    It was like they were at home…actually having fun in their own room :-)