Teddy Riley: King Of Swing – Mixed by DJ Superix

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jul-14-2009

[ Here we are with another guest post, once again from our man DJ Superix who put together this dope mix for y'all. I'm very happy to post it because i always dug Teddy Riley's sound. After the 90's he disappeared, didn't manage to stay on top and apparently lost all of his money, so i think some people may have forgot about him. We got to give the credits where they're due: Teddy changed the Hip Hop and RnB game forever, no diggity. ]

Unless you have either been born after 1999 or just woken up after being frozen in carbonite from 1983 until now – then you will no doubt be familiar with one of the greatest producers ever in modern music – Teddy Riley. Not only responsible for creating the ‘New Jack Swing’ sound, he completely changed modern soul music, flipped it, and took it back to the streets again.

This is a mix that certifies what a genius hitmaker he was in both hip-hop and R&B. It will of course be confirmed to you from listening to just 30 seconds of this mix hearing the beat from Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew’s ‘The Show’ – a classic hip hop track that was co-produced and arranged by the man himself. When Teddy wasn’t producing for his own groups such as Guy and Blackstreet he was working with heavyweight’s such as Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson (and of course actual scientifically proven heavyweight – Heavy-D).

We think this mix sums up the wide range and flexibility of Teddy’s musical genius, from uptempo cuts such as Big Daddy Kane’s ‘I Get The Job Done’ to Blackstreet’s ‘Joy’ (which was originally intended for Michael Jackson, who also wrote the track btw).

Anyway, let the music do the talking – put it on your i-pod and enjoy the summer while you can!


Southern Hospitality Presents:
Teddy Riley: King Of Swing
Mixed By DJ Superix




2 Responses to “Teddy Riley: King Of Swing – Mixed by DJ Superix”

  1. DvDFreakz says:

    Nice job, Superix !!!
    Loved it very much ….
    ….I’m a huge T.R. fan ….. keep up da good work …
    …….. I hope there’s gonna be a Part 2 !!!

    Greetz from Holland ….