Strictly For 800000 Hits: My First Podcast!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Apr-13-2010

Today is big day for me, like the first day at school for a baby boy. In fact, after 3 years of blogging, I am about to introduce into the biogsphere my first mix. Well…mix maybe is too much, let’s call it selection, at most a podcast. That should be definitely more appropriate. Since I am not a DJ and I am not experienced in any music software as well, you have to be merciful with my first “short and imperfect” attempt. Yes, I am covering my self, you got it! Anyway, your feedback is highly appreciated. Let’s go…

1 Outatime Orchestra – Back to the Future

My trademark, what else?

2 Ella Fitzgerald – Get Ready

She is god damn groovy in this track, pure energy, pure class

3 Ernie Hines – Our Generation

A classic break in an all-consuming tune. Pete Rock would approve my choice!

4 Mandrill – Symphonic Revolution

I am slowing down a little bit here with this nice and smooth ballad. Oh yes…I love Mandrill

5 Booker T & The MG’s – Rinky-Dink

Parapara-papaparapara…a great instrumental from the Stax’s house studio band.

This song put me in a good mood but you know…

6 Booker T & The MG’s feat Judy Clay – Children Don’t Get Weary

…after the laughs comes the tears. Same band, different feeling: what a dramatic song this time

7 El Michels Affair – Glaciers of Ice

My seeds growin his seeds marry his seeds, that’s how we keep Wu-Tang money all up in the family

8 The Mighty Diamonds – Get Out of My Life Woman

From soul/funk to reggae, this song aint nothin’ but the perfect hook!

9 Glen Washington – Jah Glory

Let’s rise and shine and give Jah the glory, damn one of my favorite reggae songs of all time

10 Jah Mali – Long Long (Fade Away Riddim)

Jah Mali is simply perfect on this riddim, his voice is absolutely neat and sharp. You got to love this guy

11 Johnny Osbourne – Truth and Rights

Render your hearts and not your garments…what can I say about a song that start like this?

12 Alton Ellis and Tupac – Nothin Like Rockstady

This combination made my eyes bleed

13 Il Mago – One Love Remix

From the M&J crew, a dope remix!

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12 Responses to “Strictly For 800000 Hits: My First Podcast!”

  1. thanx!
    that’s how we keep M&J money all up in the family

  2. djmp45 says:

    i was expecting there will be a voice a la “quiet storm” commenting :)
    few nice tunes in the first lost me in the second half..especially that terrible remix of nas by some guy called il mago :) , btw who the hell he is ?

  3. ATTENTION PEOPLE: J Rocc just wrote us an email enquiring about the mixing technique Martini used for this mix. Sorry it’s a restricted information!

  4. @DjMp
    you just mad because Martini aka the italian Gilles Peterson got my back

    (no homo)

  5. djmp45 says:

    i thought that the ragnampiza crew were the italian Gilles Petersons…now i’m confused :(

  6. Ozzino says:

    just listening to it right now…great job Marty. About the mixing technique, J still needs to work hard if he wants to compete with you!

  7. Duccio says:

    finally….listen it…cassix…heavy rotation =)

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