Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix) by rchecka

Science dropped by Marty AKA Marty McFly. May-18-2011

After the two previous mixes, Rchecka is blessing us with another quality session. He kindly sent us this new matherial and we had the chance to listen it in advance: we guarantee you it’s absolutely stunning. No boundaries, 76 minutes of eclectic selections just the way we like it! In his own words: This mix is all about Outer Space, using all genres. A lil Cosmic Disco, Space Funk, Spacy Jazz, Hip Hop, Techno, Go Go, you name it, as long as it’s spacey and good it made the mix. You ready to take a trip to outer space? Check the whole story, this is not strictly  a mixtape, this is an adventure. The journey begins.

rchecka presents… Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix)

Total Running Time: 1:16

Mixed using:
100% original press records
0% mp3

The Story:

Part I: Sowing Solar Seeds

By the year 2069, humanity had depleted the Earth’s great forests into small plots of police protected tree sanctuaries. Due to years of escalating carbon emissions and deforestation, the planet’s atmosphere became over-saturated with carbon dioxide. The sparse forests were too small to recycle the air into oxygen needed by Earth’s fauna. The logging industry became humanity’s unlikely saviors when they teamed with NASA scientists. They discovered by genetically modifying certain giant redwood trees for space flight, the entire solar system itself could be a new kind of forest. Unlike a forest rooted to the Earth, Solar Powered Space Trees (S.P.S.T.) migrate throughout space propelled by the solar winds and planetary gravitational slingshots. On their elliptical journey from Venus to Neptune, they use their inherent solar powers to create massive volumes of oxygen from the carbon dioxide stored within their protective sphere. By the time they reach the moon of Triton, their oxygen stores are full and their carbon dioxide supply has dwindled.

While orbiting Neptune, small robotic spacecraft rendezvous with the solar traveler and replace its oxygen tanks with a new supply of carbon dioxide mined from Mars’ atmosphere. These “Solar Harnessing Interplanetary Traveling” robots (S.H.I.T. robots) then reset the tree’s trajectory back towards Earth where they will do another flyby of Venus only to return again to Neptune years later. The precious oxygen canisters hitch a ride on the returning S.P.S.T.s where they are eventually jettison down to Earth on the flyby approach, and get replaced by fresh carbon dioxide canisters mined from Earth’s atmosphere.

This cyclical journey continued for thousands of years allowing inhabitants of Earth to live not only on their own planet, but also on the Moon, Mars, and other small moons within the solar system as well. This gave humanity more room to populate, so the forests of Earth became naturally replenished. Soon the S.P.S.T.s were no longer necessary, as Earth’s oxygen levels were once again in balance from its native flora. After the robots became sentient, they understood the importance of their symbiosis with their organic brethren. The robot’s and the tree’s selfless gift of oxygen to humanity was not forgotten as they were left to freely roam in harmony, to multiply and evolve, with no more earthly obligations in the boundless forests of outer space.

Go check his new forum and grab the Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix) !

4 Responses to “Solar Powered Space Trees (A Space Mix) by rchecka”

  1. rchecka says:

    Sup Fam! Hope yall are enjoying the mix!

    I thought you’d wanna get a peep at the tracklisting, for the curious heads!

    Disc 01

    01 0:00 Harmonic 33 – Departure Lounge
    02 4:35 rchecka – Never Control the Circuits (Late Intro)
    03 5:41 Travis Biggs – After the Storm
    04 8:59 Gene Page – Sho’ Like to Ride on Your Star
    05 12:01 Rodney Trotters Egypt – Space Nigga
    06 17:01 Barry Gray – Theme from Space 1999
    07 18:49 rchecka – Semi Musical Noises
    08 20:31Leonard Nimoy – Music to Watch Space Girls By
    09 22:41 Johnny Harris – Odyssey Part 1
    10 26:30 Droids – The Force
    11 30:19 Nektar – Parts 1a-1d
    12 37:21 Instructions – So You Learn From Computers
    13 41:12 Don Felder – Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)
    14 45:44 Captain Jones – Space Dawg (Dub)
    15 49:34 Captain Rock – Cosmic Glide (Instrumental)
    16 53:25 James Pants – Future Delight
    17 56:28 Ernest Saint Laurent – Moogie
    18 1:00:39 Dabrye – Hyped Up Plus Tax (Output Message Mix)
    19 1:03:43 rchecka – Chewy Roar
    20 1:04:42 Boba Fettucini – Situation Normal (rchecka remix)
    21 1:07:15 rchecka – We Brake for Nobody
    22 1:07:35 Flying Lotus – Beginners Falaphel
    23 1:10:01 Shit Robot – Lonely Planet
    24 1:14:43 rchecka – Because We’re People (Outro)

    Total Running Time: 1:16

    Any comments on the mix is much obliged!

  2. joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli says:

    Big up for the tracklist!

    Much appreciated, I’m definitely one of the curious heads.

    Too bad for the lack of comments here so far, we got some positive feedbacks on facebook anyway.

    come on people, drop a comment and spread the word! You don’t get a mixtape like this every day, do you? ;)

  3. rchecka says:

    Hey thanks much Joppa! I appreciate that you guys are diggin this!! Tell Marty to be checking his mailbox in the next couple of weeks for the hardcopies of this mix and the second disc too.

    You guys are always on point with your selections! Keep on!


  4. rchecka says:

    Sup fam!

    Thought a few of you might be interested in downloading the second disc which is now available for download along with the first disc.,576,1174#msg-1174