Set Me Free!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Feb-11-2010

Check out this hit by Diana Ross and the Supremes, 1966. Nice, isn’t it? Love this melody. So fresh.

A tune you can still play at your party tonight and get everybody dancing, 40 years later. This song, like most classics, is based on some very versatile elements, both melodical and rhytmic. You can make every kind of variation and it will always sound good.

The Supremes-You Keep Me Hangin' On

Listen! The Supremes “You keep me hanging on”

Ken Boothe – Set Me Free VERY RARE SONG

Ken Boothe is reggae’s number 1 soulman, and here he proves it once again. His voice is magic and this Studio One 7 minutes version is almost hypnotic. Not to mention the warm bassline and the flawless dub section. It’s very intersting how Jamaican producers used to manipulate records, creating dubs to extend songs so they could play them all night long. Thats how DJ culture was born, back in the days in the Caribbeans.

Listen! Ken Boothe “Set Me Free” (vinyl rip 320kbps)

And there’s also this cover version with italian lyrics by a band called “I Ribelli” , Adriano Celentano‘s stage band at the time. Let’s watch the video, I find their instumental intro quite intriguing, at least until they start singing. (Our moms will be proud of us: we are finally posting a video by Ricky Gianco‘s band! Just when they thought there was no hope left for their sons, stuck endlessly on afro-american music.)

I Ribelli – Chi Mi Aiuterà (1967)

And after the clip, check out the same italian version performed by the Supremes (why don’t they do this anymore? I want new Sade album in italian!)

Listen “You Keep Me Hangin On (italian version: Chi Mi Aiuterà)” performed by The Supremes

Finally, here’s a crazy psych version by New York band the Tea Company from 1968. It’s a really pleasant 8-minute trip, more info and DL link here.

Tea Company – You Keep Me Hangin On

12 Responses to “Set Me Free!”

  1. Duccio says:

    big song…big post =)

    the singer of I Ribelli at the time was Demetrio Stratos (i love also “pugli chiusi” from them in the Stratos time) …then he left and founded the Area… IMO Stratos was one of the most amazing italian voice of all time!!!

    i like also this version…more similar to the Ribelli’s one =)

    • Big up Duccio! Sempre sul pezzo!

      As I said, I don’t like the vocal section that much, but that’s probably me. I thought it was Ricky singing here, so its good to know anyway.

      The Vanilla Fudge version is very nice though, I read somewhere I Ribelli probably took inspiration from it…

  2. a me piace la versione italiana, in particolare la parte stumentale ma anche il cantato ci sta dentro. campionabilissima.

  3. anzi facciamo cosi’, se qualcuno l’ha in wav o in mp3 decente la posti grazie che voglio ufficialmente choppare e filtrare the shit outta this (cit. Evil Dee)

  4. djmp45 says:

    perche’ non cioppi questa?

  5. joppa's mom says:

    i remember also my holydays in London and Paris with Procol Harum’s “The wither shade of pale”. Bye

  6. Duccio says:

    TURN IT UP @ The wither shade of pale

  7. Well, after seeing my mom dropping a comment in english here, I think it’s finally time to shut down the blog.

    Goodbye everybody.

  8. ff says:

    I feel the post, as well as the blog

    big up

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