New York vs L.A. Beats

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jan-12-2007


Today I post about an incredible mix of classic electro beats. The mix is New York vs. L.A. Beats. It’s one of the gems released by the independent Streetwave record label.

Check the whole list of the electro Streetsounds series and a little bit of history about it on this link: Vinyl Vulture.

This mix got two sides: You got one side, the New York side, with unforgettable joints like Planet Rock, Roxanne Roxanne, Freaks come out at night etc, than you got the other side, the L.A side, with equally timeless tunes such as Surgery and Egypt Egypt among others.

For those who are not familiar with this old school grooves this is a nice mix which squeeze some of the most relevant beats of electro funk. This is all about party and that’s what you are looking for since the week end is coming up. Have fun!!!




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  1. ozzino says:

    “For those who are not familiar with this old school grooves”
    I’m one of those..and i like it!
    Hands on the ground, feet in the air

  2. Lil Mike says:

    I have this on vinyl as well and was debating whether worth trouble to encode & if anyone I know would want to hear some…

    glad this out of print gem is available again to those diggin in the web crates… that LA stuff is particularly harder to score…

  3. djmp45 says:

    tell joppa to put the playgroup”party mix” for dowload, it’s a great mix with like 200 songs, lot’s of old school electro, hip hop, disco… alitlle bit in the vein of double dee and steinski lessons mixes, but 60 minutes long…one of my favourite mix

  4. Thorsten says:

    Hey guys! Really a great blog. I appreciate your in depth work and passion! I have a large music collection, but you still opened my eyes to a lot of -to me- unknown music.

    by the way the links are dead to this surley excellent electro mix;)

  5. Marty says:

    Hey Thorsten, thanks for your kind words.

    You deserve the Re-up of this terrific mix :)

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  7. djcrazeechris says:

    what can be said ive been searchin 4 this as mine got swiped about 15yrs ago thought i would never hear it again / wow i remember breakin & popin
    on card board a long time ago in the town love it ,any one got electro crucial lying round or uk , see ya later

  8. Eclectro says:

    I remember buying this on tape when first came out-i played the Bambaataa/Hashim mix over & over again-what an album! Eclectro,South England. d:0)>