M&J Summer Edition: Mizell Brothers On Wax Poetics Radio

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Aug-14-2009

As a huge fan of the Mizell Brothers sound, I gotta post this nice podcast for y’all. This one comes straight from the Names You Can Trust page: go visit it immediately, it has tons of good stuff.


Let DJ Monk-One guide you through the best Mizell tunes, with live words from the legendary artists. A really nice special boradcast, 3 hours playtime, 400MB.

Listen! Mizell Bros on Waxpoetics radio

(if previous link doesn’t work check here)

2 Responses to “M&J Summer Edition: Mizell Brothers On Wax Poetics Radio”

  1. djmp45 says:

    nice!!!definiteely feeling this :)

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