Martini & Jopparelli Get Busy!

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Dec-16-2008

Saturday we’ll be spinning in our hometown for a whole night of soul based selections… yes sir, what an event: mr. Martini on the mic, Jopparelli and DJmp45 on the decks! Considering how far we live from each other this is gonna be a historic event! Like once every 5 years!


So let’s take this opportunity to pull up some of the selections we did in the past just to give an idea of what we’re going to play…

DJMP45 funk mix ….. (download here)

Jopparelli “Get Off Your Ass And Jam” mix …  (download here)

Jopparelli Smooth Jazz mix(download here)

Shanty Sound super cool Reggae mix!(download here)

10 Responses to “Martini & Jopparelli Get Busy!”

  1. JermaineWilliams says:

    I heard DJMP is gonna play with his SERATO, is it true?

  2. djmp45 says:

    sorry giulio, but i dont have one, sorry to disappoint you….

  3. marty From bb in da hood says:

    We want terno sinfonia live

  4. djmp45 says:

    how many beers you need to do it? ;)

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  6. Michele says:

    Martini : kakkio ma dove avete fatto questa serata ?
    Vorremmo tanto avervi da noi 1 sera tra natale e capodanno: ci siete ?

    1 abbraccio anche da Ale e Pablo !!

  7. Ozzino says:

    Cool event…no doubt! Dope selections, 3 skilled dj’s rotating and all the people dancing, but…I didn’t hear none of your famous Terno lyrics :-)
    “La migliore delle vite…”

  8. soup says:

    enjoying your selections. thank you.

  9. You are welcome Soup.

    Mora are on the way!

    Stay tuned