Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Essential Mix 2007

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-23-2007

It’s time to put on some decent contemporary music. Thanx to my man Alien for introducing me this artist.


You know, here at Martini & Jopparelli’s we are mostly focused on old music, but this doesn’t mean all new music is bad. The fact is, as you’ll hear, most of the time dope new music around takes inspiration from the good old days! We’re getting old, after all. Nothing sounds new to us, no more. Everything is a remake. Let’s put on some dope remakes then. ;-)


A new style of electronic music is breaking the dancefloors worldwide. This style is called nu disco. Lindstrom, a producer from Norway, is the undisputed prophet of this new way of making your girl’s booty shake.


Well, he is more than a dj-producer, he is a complete musician, he plays all instruments and has a superior talent in building synth arpeggios textures that evolve taking your mind to another galaxy. “Mental music” (as my man CJ says) is the right definition i think. But he knows also how to put some decent drums over those keyboard chords. The result is, in one word, dope.


Recently (at least in Italy), the club music scene is dominated by minimal house: a style that really sucks in my opinion. So i’m glad to welcome a producer that slowed down the BPMs and brought some structured, stimulating, sound-rich grooves. Classic disco sounds, funky beats, catchy arrangements, what do you want more? Lindstrom and Prins Thomas: Norway’s on the rise, enjoy!!!!

Listen Lindstrom & Prins Thomas essential mix on BBC
(june 29th: link updated. was expired.)

Click “more” to get the full Playlist, most of the tracks are produced by Lindstrom, except for a couple of vintage funk tunes you’ll probably don’t want to miss… the old to the new.
Al Usher ‘Her Today’ (Misericord)
Aeroplane ‘Aeroplane’ (Eskimo)
Lindstrøm & Solale ‘Let It Happen’ (Azuli)
In Flagranti ‘Bipolar’ (Codek)
No Theory ‘Devils Dance’ (Sin&Soul)
Lindstrøm ‘Musikal Overtones’ (Feedelity)
Sneak Thief G-String Orchestra ‘My Sullen Mistress’ (Klakson)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola ‘Kjappfot(PT Edit)’ (Full Pupp)
Runaway ‘Shadows’ (Wurst)
Max Mohr ‘Assonja Swynja’ (Playhouse)
Dettman Vs.Moroder ‘Quicksand/Utopia Mash’ (White Label)
Faze Action ‘Stratus Energy’ (White Label)
M-D-Emm ‘Get Acidic’ (Transmat)
Centrific ‘Somebody Went To Detroit And All I Got Was The Itchy Hawtins’ (Drop Bass Network)
Fleetwood Mac ‘You Make Lovin’ Fun (Trailmix)’ (White Label)
M E ‘Rnb Drunkie’ (Golf Channel)
Wild Rumpus ‘Musical Blaze Up (Rub & Tug Bitches Remix)’ (Bitches Brew)
Chairmen Of The Board ‘Party’ (Invictus)
Rare Earth ‘Get Ready(Live Version)’ (EMI/Motown)
Niagara ‘Sangandongo Part 1’ (White Label)
Solomun & Stimming ‘Eiszauber(Diynamic’ (White Label)
Still Going ‘Still Going Theme’ (DFA)
Lindstrøm ‘Contemporary Fix (Bjørn Torske Remix)’ (Smalltown Supersound)
Nick Chacona ‘Mariacha’ (Internasjonal)
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas ‘Nummer Fire En’ (Short Edit)

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  1. these guys really kick ass and make me wish i was 10 years younger…
    “let me tell you something about house music, it’s not just a groove… house is a feeling”…
    their 2006 album was way ahead…

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