Les McCann ‘Much Les’ / Mobb Deep ‘The Infamous’

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. May-26-2007

Let’s get back on jazz wave.

I can tell now..once you get in, then you can’t get away so easy.
Maybe i will never appreciate jazz like a musician can do but, how my friend uses to say, “this is THE MUSIC” so open your ear and let it touch you.
Nice sentence (a little bit solemn ah?!), anyway it’s the nitty-gritty.
This time Les McCann is the teacher, topic is “how you can play jazz piano in a non-regular way” and “Much Les” is going to be the issue.
Les McCann is a really under-rated jazz artist from the 60s. He plays a very soulful piano. “Much Les” features some driving riffs and great backing rhythm. The music on here is very accessible, even to non-jazz-heads.


It makes you wish he did an entire album with vocals since he pulls it off nicely. This is definitely good soulful piano-trio jazz.


Entirely beautiful free-form, improvisational playing from some of the most talented players in the then-LA session scene. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Stevie Wonder was
listening to Les McCann’s songs HEAVILY when he recorded his mid 70′s triumphs because the electric piano sounds and textured melodies on this album bare the stamp of no one else-the overall record ranking in artistic influence right up there with Wonder’s,Gaye’s and Isaac Hayes’s recent work. But Les did it first.


By checking downlink counter we can estimate how much you like our music selection, hope you’ll enjoy this one cause we got more Mr McCann lessons good and ready for you.
Ok, i’ve just written a post about Moob Deep but i’ve found by my self that “diggin in the breaks” is like get about in a labyrinth…you can reach the same corner by many ways.
This dazed metaphor just to say that “The Infamous” is too solid for not being listened once at least.


Mobb Deep (Prodigy & Havoc), Matt Life & Schott Free executive producers, with additonal track production coming from Abstract (aka Q-Tip). Guest appearances come from: Nas, Raekwon, Big Noyd, Q-Tip & Ghostface Killer.
Any comment would sound rhetorical, this album seems like the definitive collection or greatest hits. All wrong, think about it…it was their second album!

Below you can listen “Much Les”, when listening “Benjamin” you’ll recognize the tune right away, that’s the evidence of how Havoc has been a good student ;)

Listen “Much Les

Listen “Right Back At You

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  1. Antonio says:

    Those where the days, for Mobb Deep.
    The new Prodigy mixtape was ok, though…

  2. tuza says:

    oh, this is great!
    any chance for the “layers” album?

    anyway, thank you for the great music!

  3. The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die…

    The disc debuted at the top of the UK Album Chart on the 1st of March with 97,254 copies sold, giving them their fourth consecutive #1 disc in the UK……