Jopparelli Afro-Clappin-Sock-That-Conga-Shake-That-Tambourine Vinyl Set

Science dropped by joppa AKA Arthur Jopparelli. Jul-22-2011

Check what we got here. A fresh vinyl set i just recorded for your entertainment. It’s basically a party mix, so play it loud and tell us how you feel it. 35 minutes of funk, afro beat, soul and breaks just the way we love it. Nasty basslines, wild drum sections and a variety of different styles so you’ll never get bored. I had this playlist on my mind for a while, and someone asked us for a promo mix, there you go.

We love listenin different kinds of music, we love buyin records. Here’s a little set i did to promote our sound system because we do love to play records as well. You can book Martini & Jopparelli to play in your area did you knew that? Just give us food, a couch to sleep and 12k dollars and we come to play at your party. Just jokin. I’m no J-Rocc but i got some beats that might spark your interest, ore at least i hope so.

I focused on heavy percussions and therefore played a lot of Jazzman Records stuff, covers of famous breaks, ESG of course, Sultana (check the video below, thanx djmp45 for the piece of wax), Nino Nardini, a couple of Soul re-issues, Soundway Records stuff, latin funk re-issues, of course i played Afrikaan Beat (download the tune here), and some Afro-Beat as well. Afro Beat is the music of the future, did you knew that?

Titanic – Sultana.

(by the way people in the mountains where i live still dress this way)

Jopparelli Afro-Clappin-Sock-That-Conga-Shake-That-Tambourine Vinyl Set by jopparelli