Jared Boxx aka JBX from Big City Records

Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Oct-13-2009

Jared Boxx

Today I want to point you out to 3 mixes. The man in control is Jared Boxx owner of Big City Records (NYC)! All his mixes are ace. I mean, what would you expect from such a record dealer?

willie rosario

The first one comes from the Jazzman record page and it’s certainly my favourite one. If you follow me during my Internet journeys you should already be familiar with this site. I was luky enough to see Jazzman Gerald live and from then on I always check his podcasts. The name of the mix is Taste of Honey (scroll down it’s the fourth from the top). Dope blend of tropical rhythms, Latin soul and jazz, Boogaloo etc… The summer is definitely not over in my living room.

Listen to: Taste of honey

The second one is all about hip hop remixes guys, you got to love it. You will recognize a lot of tracks. He knows his classic.

Listen to: The Fillmore Remixes

The third and last one is smooth! Absolutely obscure (at least for me) tunes from small and independent labels…ok I got to admit that, I don’t have a clue of almost any of this tracks but I am in good company. Everybody is waiting for the tracklist Jared!

Listen to: Thanks for waiting

6 Responses to “Jared Boxx aka JBX from Big City Records”

  1. djmp45 says:

    man, i downloaded that thanks for waiting mix from soulman’s blog a month ago or so and i cant stop playing it ..so good..glad you feel the same

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  3. rap music says:

    cool tracklists… thx for the downloads

  4. dirty fingaz says:

    jared boxx is one of the best diggers i know……i thought i dug deep….peace

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