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Science dropped by Martini & Jopparelli. Jun-09-2008

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I think everybody already knows about Respect the Architects! From that page a large number of old mixtapes/battles are spreading all over the web but in my opinion the best thing you can do is go there, enjoy the mixes, and give props to Memoryman and to the rest of the people who are posting this incredible collection of very rare stuff. Show them some love in the old fashioned way…


Once again we have Mr Mass! He did a bunch of great interviews that you should not miss. You know what?…We blessed France with a marvellous first lady, they gave back to us Mr Mass.

You got Mr Ken Sport, Phil The Soulman, Mr Supreme, Jake One, Mr Live, L.I.F.E Long.


I really want to push this guys as they are based in Turin, the city where I live, and they make me dance dance dance. Taken from their Myspace:


Soulful is a crew of dj’s, based in Torino Italy, that spins REAL R&B, from ’56 to ’75, great afroamerican music: soul, funk, northern and southern soul, latin grooves, dancefloor jazz. Since 2003 Luis and Jimmy make people dance with the weekly DANCING SOULFUL SATURDAY and FRIDAY and as well open-air parties and special one-nights with the best Dj’s of the international soul-funk scene, such as: Keb Darge, Eddie Piller, Andy Lewis, Russ Dewbury, James Maycock, Ian Wright, Dj Cello, Snowboy, Johnny Hitman.
The crew runs venues in the main clubs of Torino and neighbours and toured playing in Milan, Modena, Rome, Pescara, Genoa, Pavia, Zagreb, London.


Find out more about them on their page: SOULFUL TORINO

They also have a blog where you can find several great mixes!


Finally I want to talk about a fantastic mix from Newmixes. No, this time it’s not Dubstep,…it’s a marvellous Jazz selection made by Jules Deelder. Don’t you know Deelder? Here a short biography taken from DutchPunch:

Justus Anton Deelder (Rotterdam, 24th November 1944) is a multitalented poet, writer, actor, artist and dj. He is often referred to as the “mayer of the night“ in Rotterdam. He released three albums on which he collected his favorite jazzmusic of the 1940“s and 50“s in order to prevent them for being forgotten.
Jules Deelder is undoubtedly one of the Netherlands“ best-known poets. He owes much of his fame to public appearances, in which he combines a dandyish pose with a curious mixture of popular city humor and irony, dished up in an uncut Rotterdam accent. He is arguably the godfather of Dutch performance poets.
There is an unmistakable link between Deelder“s poetry and the Dutch ultra-realists of the 1950s, and an even stronger kinship with the carefree anarchism of the 1960s. Many of his poems are on an exciting collision course with established taste. Apparently, Jules Deelder has found the recipe for successfully combining a deadpan exterior and crass realism with the comic effect of irony. He calls himself a “neon realist“, a “neon romantic“ and a “neon comedian“. Deelder has a rare command of register, mimicking the language of soaps as effortlessly as that of military rhetoric or the quasi-profound verbiage of esoteric or antiquated cultures. He does this in his poetry as well as in his prose, which never fails to betray the poet.
Deelder“s work often tends toward cabaret, but was not cabaret the mainspring of a movement like Dadaism? With the Dadaists he shares a fondness for the absurd, born from a relentless defiance of established high art. He has thus made of himself a kind of enfant terrible of the Dutch poetic scene, but one that cannot be ignored. Several of his poems have achieved the status of“modern classic“, and if he is not one of the Netherlands“ most read poets, he certainly is one of the most heard.


Don’t miss Jules Deelder @ Arrow Jazz

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